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by:LCD Mall     2020-08-23
Many people decide to buy the iPhone because of the amazing features offered by the Apple phone.
One of the models of the Apple phone is the iPhone 7.
If you are looking for awesome and upgraded Apple phone features, then you should definitely consider buying this phone.
This article will help you understand the various features of this iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and the price of the IPhone 7: features to be aware of: This phone comes with 4.
Screen 7 inch, weight 138g.
This phone comes with an LED backlight ips LCD capacitive touch screen that gives users 16m of color, which helps to show bright and crisp colors.
The glass is strong and durable because the glass is reinforced by ions and comes with a oleophobic coating.
The phone features a dust-proof and water-proof technology that can reach up to 1 m and takes only 30 minutes.
The phone offers a good low-light camera, which will provide double internal capacity.
However, users will find that the phone is the same model as the previous Apple phone.
Battery life is similar to its predecessor.
The 12 MP camera will help users capture crisp and vivid quality photos.
The Home button has been removed from the design of the iPhone 7 and the user will be able to get a design that only responds to pressure.
There is also no headphone jack and the user needs to use the wireless headset.
The phone was launched as early as September 2017, and the 32gb phone starts at $649.
However, it is cheaper than the iPhone 7 Plus.
Users will be able to purchase iPhone 7 from Apple stores in Dubai and from any other authorized stores in Dubai.
Users will be able to get the phone with AED 2199.
Users can purchase four different colors from any store and store authorized by Apple and from Apple store.
iPhone 7 Plus -
Features and prices: if the user wants to buy an Apple model with an upgrade but does not want to choose an Apple phone of any latest model that will be released at 2017, then, you can definitely consider buying the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.
This phone comes with 2x optical zoom.
Users can use this phone to take vivid and colorful photos of superior quality using the reserved Portrait mode.
The phone also has a very good battery life and lasts longer than the iPhone 7.
This phone uses waterproof technology.
The phone will also provide users with a larger storage option of 256 GB, a great choice for serious photographers.
There is also no headphone jack for this model, so users will have to use lightening.
Users can also use the provided adapter.
This phone comes with 5. 5 inch screen.
This model also has 3gb of RAM.
Users can buy the phone from any Apple authorized dealer in Dubai as well as from Apple stores.
The price of this phone is 2699 AED.
However, if users offer such offers, they will be able to get discounts from stores and stores, which will greatly reduce the price.
The IPhone 7 and 7 Plus are both amazing Apple phone models released in 2016.
Both phones will provide excellent features for users.
If someone is not impressed with the battery life of a previous Apple phone, then they can try out the iPhone 7 Plus model, which offers a better battery life, even more than the iPhone 7.
The dual camera of this phone also provides users with excellent capture of vivid and colorful photos.
However, if users are looking for a small phone, then they can choose the iPhone 7 model that measures 4. 7 inches.
The screen size of the IPhone 7 Plus is 5. 5 inches.
No headphone jack for both phones;
Therefore, the user can use the adapter that is included in both models.
Those who want to upgrade the feature iPhone but don\'t want to spend a lot of money, they can easily choose the iPhone 7 model, which is much cheaper than the iPhone 7 plus.
The IPhone 7 plus offers the best value with upgraded features and sizes.
However, this preference depends on the user who is going to buy the phone.
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