lg unveils flexible and transparent oled displays

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-16
LG, the electronics giant, has released a new OLED display that will not only bend and roll, but also be visible to users.
Company\'s 18-
Inch flexible OLED with high
Define a radius with a resolution of 1200x810 that can be rolled up to 1.
1 inch, does not affect the display.
\"This proves that LG Display will be able to bring more than 50 inch of its rolling TVs to market in the future,\" LG said in a statement . \".
A polymer substance is used for display-
LG says the pi-based film reduces the thickness of the display and makes it more flexible. In-
Byung Kang, senior vice president and head of lg r & D center, said the company was \"confident\" to develop a flexible ultra-HD panel by 2017.
The discussion about flexible display screens is not new because other technology companies are involved in flexible display screens.
Samsung showed its Youm flexible screen at the Consumer Electronics Show at 2013.
It\'s not just a TV that adds a curved screen.
Last fall, LG released a flexible display of a smartphone.
LG also released an 18
The company expects the display to grow into a larger display by 2017.
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