lg unveils a \'smart\' new flip phone

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-26
LG\'s new flip phone, \"Gentle\", looks like a nostalgic baby.
It has a flip-over look, a keyboard and a 3-pixel camera that starts after 90 s.
But there\'s a reason for this old one.
School gadgets allow all cool kids in the smartphone world to run for their money.
It carries Android Lollipop 5. 1--
According to Google, the number of people using such a new operating system worldwide as of June 2015 was less than 1%.
Not all phones are borrowed from the iphone and Android era. The Gentle\'s 3.
Touch function on LCD screen
Screen function.
The electronics company announced on Monday that the phone began Retail in South Korea for $170.
Flip phones are popular in the Asian market, but there is no news whether the dawn will be seen in the US market.
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