lg shows off thinnest-ever hd lcd panel, just in time for the optimus g2

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-30
LG Display gave us a preview of our expectations for the upcoming smartphone by showing 5 on Thursday. 2-
Measure only 2 inch Full hd LCD panel.
2mm thin.
While we don\'t yet know when LG will use this panel in its device, it\'s interesting that the company decided to announce the new panel before the upcoming release of the Optimus G2 smartphone, the smartphone may be released this fall.
According to the latest rumors, there will be 5 Optimus G2. 2-
Inch 1080p display, fourcore 2.
3GHz processor, 2 gb ram, 13-
Megapixel camera and Android 4. 2. 2 Jelly Bean.
Here is the full press release from LG. [
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LG Display launches the world\'s thinnest Full hd LCD panel for smartphones [
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The new panel will support a more stylish full HD smartphone with an exceptional viewing experienceJuly 11, 2013)—LG Display [
New York Stock Exchange: LPL, KRX: 034220
Leading innovators in display technology announced today that it will launch the world\'s thinnest Full hd LCD panel for smartphones. The state-of-the-art 5. 2-
Inch panel is an exciting step forward for the high-end mobile device market, which supports more stylish full HD smartphones with better \"grip\"
Ability \"and excellent viewing experience. Only 2.
2mm thin strip 2.
The new panel border of LG Display is 3mm, and among the existing Full hd LCD panels designed for mobile devices, the panels are the thinnest and narrowest.
The world\'s thinnest Full hd LCD panel will provide more visible display space on smartphones, which is critical for mobile devices to use more for multimedia viewing than ever before.
In addition, the panel will make it easier for the device to grip and lighter in weight.
The key to achieving the thinnest panel in the world is the advanced panel of LG DisplayGlass-Solution (OGS)
, The latest Touch technology developed and applied to new panels for the first time in history, enabling an enhanced touch screen experience.
A dual flexible printed circuit superior to a single circuit is inserted between the panel and the touch screen, reducing the number of rows on the panel by more than 30%.
The use of the direct bonding system also results in an optical transparent resin between the panel and the touch screen for greater brightness.
The advantages of the new panel in display resolution, brightness and contrast enhance outdoor readability.
By using 1,080X1,920 pixels consisting of red, green, and blue (RGB)sub-
Pixel, the panel is a real full HD display.
LG Display has a panel brightness of up to 535 nits, superior to all mobile Full hd LCD panels at the moment.
Finally, measure contrast in reality
The living environment with ambient contrast results in a reading of 3.
74: 1 based on 10,000 lux, the perfect performance of the panel is confirmed even in strong outdoor sun conditions.
Intertek, a well-known testing company, has officially certified these results.
\"Today the introduction of the world\'s thinnest Full hd LCD panel represents a high
The field of smartphones, due to our world, this is possible
First-class expertise in IPS and touch technology . \"Byeong-
Koo Kim, vice president and head of LG Display IT and mobile development group.
\"LG Display will continue to work on developing products that maximize consumer value and open new doors for the mobile and tablet industry.
The article was originally published on BGR.
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