lg’s 5-inch unbreakable displays to debut later this year

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-29
Flexible displays will be the next big thing in mobile technology.
LG has previously confirmed that it will release a smart phone that shows flexibility later this year, while the unbreakable phones of Samsung and Motorola are also brewing.
LG announced on Monday that it plans to demonstrate 5-
Inch flexible and unbreakable OLED displays for the first time this week at the information display Association (SID)
Trade show of the year.
The company will also present the new 5-
Inch HD display with 1mm wide bezel, which will allow \"production of borderless smartphones with light weight and significantly reduced heat \".
LG plans to release a smartphone with a flexible OLED display in 2013.
The company\'s press release is as follows. [
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LG Display launches next generation Display technology in SID 2013 [
More information from BGR: HTC One is released with stock Android and is reported to end this summer]Curved 55-
5-inch OLED TV
Inch plastic OLED panel at the exhibition in Seoul, South Korea (May 20, 2013)– LG Display [
New York Stock Exchange: LPL, KRX: 034220
Leading innovators in display technology will present delegates in the information display Association to show the latest TV, mobile and other products in the future of display technology (SID)
Display Week 2013.
The company will launch a curved 55-
5-inch OLED TV
Inch plastic OLED panel.
A mobile panel using oxide thin film transistors (TFT)
It is regarded as the next generation TFT technology.
\"Recent trends suggest that,and medium-
The large-size display market is developing in the direction of high resolution and low power consumption, and the large-size panel market is developing in the direction of OLED and ultra-high definition . \"Sang-
Deok Yeo, CTO and executive vice president of LG Display.
\"With the rapid demand for new displays to progress, LG monitors at the forefront of these trends are leading with their differentiated and cutting capabilities --
Edge technology.
\"OLEDLG Display\'s industry-leading position will be through the Display of curved 55-
Inch oled TV, and its awards
Winning Standard 55-
SID 2013 oled TV.
Based on the same wrgb oled technology as the standard set, it is now widely used in large OLED applications.
New 55-curved size panel
Inch oled TV provides a glimpse into the future of TV design.
In addition, the company will launch an unbreakable, flexible 5-
Inch plastic OLED panel for mobile devices.
The development was carried out at a critical time when smart devices were used more than ever, and the risk of damage caused by falls, impacts and other accidents also increased.
Lg Display, the next-generation tft LCD method, will also launch 5-inch and 7-
The oxide TFT-based inch hd LCD panel is seen as the next generation TFT technology, as it has high investment efficiency in producing thin, high transparency and low power displays.
LG Display uses this technology in its large Display
The size OLED display will lead the market by expanding its expertise worldwide for the first time. The 5-
Inch HD panel will be equipped with 1.
The 0mm border allows the production of borderless smartphones with light weight and significantly reduced heat. The 7-
Inch hd LCD panel with touch function-
Embedded Technology achieves excellent touch function in thin and thin mobile products.
High resolution of display and TabletsLG display, this is the first time to launch 84-
Inch Ultra hd TV, now will be high
With the world\'s first 23 ultra-HD panels, the clarity trend is further developed. 8-inch monitors.
In addition, the company will present 14-
Four-inch HD (2,560X1,440)
Laptop panel, and the world\'s first 7-
Inch full HD panel for tablets over 300 pixels per inch (PPI).
Other innovations presented by exhibitors will also showcase a new type of LCD that depicts the highest color reproduction ratio achieved in different industries.
Products that apply this technology include transparent 47-
Inch LCD panel for refrigerator with 15% more transparency while keeping NTSC 72% or same as normal hd TV a 12. 3-
Inch Full hd LCD panel for car dashboard, brightness 800nit, color reproduction ratio 85%, 24-
An inch Adobe RGB display panel for professionals with a color reproduction rate of 100%.
The company will also focus on borderless technology dedicated to improving the design level, a month-
Inch hd LCD panel with 1 smartphone.
The 0mm baffle, as well as the product with the narrowest baffle in the world, includes 13. 3-
1-inch full hd LCD Neo Edge panel for laptop. 5mm baffle, a 23. 8-
Inch Full hd LCD Neo blade with 3 monitors.
5mm baffle and 55-
Inch LCD panel with 5 video wall. 3mm bezel.
SID exhibition week 203sid Exhibition Week 2013 will be held in Vancouver, Canada, from May 19-24.
LG Display\'s products will be on Display at Booth 1012, allowing visitors to experience the latest products from the world\'s leading Display companies.
In addition to the product presentation, LG Display will showcase its superior technology and publish 17 major papers on various Display topics. Also, Dr. In-
Byung Kang, senior vice president and chief laboratory director of LG Display, will receive a special achievement award for his work in FPR 3D and ips LCD technology.
The article was originally published on BGR.
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