lg kp500 - this cookie smart phone is fairly a delight

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-24
LG KP500 is also recognized as a Cookie.
Cookies are indeed a touch screen phone, especially for those who only have a reasonable budget to pay but are eager for smart and happy touch screen hype.
Because people have to realize that once the iPhone has become so good, the latest touch-screen phones will make a big splash around the world --liked.
Mobile phone manufacturers are accelerating action to meet and meet demand.
The KP500 Cookie is LG\'s effort to get some customers who want to use a touch screen phone but don\'t have enough cash to buy an iPhone or any other expensive replacement.
The LG touch screen phone came out of panache.
The LG Cookie KP500 integrates the accelerometer to be able to sense which direction is up and therefore mechanically rotate the display.
When you turn this phone to a landscape mode that is actually quite considerate, the effective QWERTY keyboard slides into sight.
In other cases, the accelerometer also works, for example when you take your place in the game.
LG Cookie KP500 is smaller than other touch screen phones.
Weighing up to 89g, it can be considered the lightest touch phone so far.
Although the phone is small, the display is small.
The display is 3 inch wide, which is pretty good-brought-
Every standard is raised.
The mobile phone is ergonomic and of good quality. It has a hi-
Fi FM radio, play almost all good-
Like digital music format
Internet browsing is great with email support and a document viewer included.
The connection features include USB and Bluetooth.
The camera is 3.
2 megapixels, no autofocus option, but you expect this at such an affordable cost.
Only 48 MB of memory support.
You can plug in the memory card, which can be up to 8 gb.
On top of that, this phone does not support 3g and it does not have WiFi.
LG Cookie is a very improved phone compared to old phones.
LG Cookie KP500 is a highly modified mobile phone for LG home;
In addition, it has various standard functions.
This once again makes it a luxury phone.
The luxury LG cookie KP500 regulations include a customized version of the internet browser, SMS alert, vibration alert, important phone book, document viewer, call alert, tft LCD display in 262k color, the integration of GPRS and EDGE technology is commendable.
Considering the price of the phone, LG requires a lower cost without endangering the phone.
LG doesn\'t involve features that several people don\'t need.
Providing a camera is only the standard to reduce costs.
While you won\'t be able to browse the internet at a higher speed, this phone offers you a very reasonable, very easy-to-use touch phone.
This LG Cookie KP500 looks shiny and has a smaller size.
This type of mobile phone will soon be brought to market by other mobile companies.
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