lg kp500 cookie aka lg kp501 - lg cookie user review

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-24
LG Cookie is a great touch screen phone ready to make an impact on the mobile market.
If you name it, it will.
Well, there\'s almost no other option for this funky phone, otherwise it\'s worthless, and its groovy look, ultra-modern style series, and pretty smart features all have a lot to give you.
LG Cookie is a good alternative to LG Prada.
In fact, in the early days, I will rank LG Prada 3 steps before trying touch screen technology in the early days.
With the LG Cookie, you have a quiet, convenient and commendable smart communication device --
Friendly features built in.
This exquisite suit is very convenient and is a complete pocket.
LG Cookie is a real asset compared to other touch screen phones.
It has an obvious 3.
Digital zoom camera with 2 megapixels.
However, the zoom system for mobile devices is poor and there is no flash at all.
Touch screen gadgets are also built in-
In the media player, Bluetooth can calculate and FM radio.
Its video quality is average compared to other phones, and video playback is not that impressive!
You believe me.
This is the touch screen, in addition to the four mobile games that are usually built in, it gives you the flexibility to load any number of mobile games onto the touch screen.
I would call the LG Cookie high-
The terminal technology set that provides gesture recognition function for it.
It is as notable as entertainment.
The same lovely is its highest finish, which simply attracts the eyes of onlookers.
Elegant finishes and styles are a natural addition to LG\'s mobile devices, which makes them a higher position than their competitors.
Mobile users who don\'t get a good match in terms of color, here you have a lot to satisfy.
LG Cookie has four amazing colorsà-
Yellow, silver, yellow, black, gold.
In addition, there are many other notable features included in your LG Cookie mobile device, which gives it extra richness.
Includes a spectacular 3 inch tft LCD screen with a resolution of 240x400 pixels; Web Browser;
Vibration alarm, document viewer;
Edge technology; WAP 2. 0; and much more.
This phone offers many themes that can be customized through the phone.
You can download beautiful themes from the Internet on the LG Cookie interface.
You can also download as many screensavers as you want to give your r phone an ideal retreat.
For music lovers, there is also a complete entertainment and entertainment event.
Yes, this smarty phone from LG allows you to store hundreds of multi-tone ringtones in addition to already stored ringtones.
You can use any type of ringtone as a ringtone for your personal phone.
Isn\'t this a good feature?
Like other touch screen phones, LG Cookie also comes with stylus, which is very stylish and adds more elegance to the stand.
This mobile phone is affordable, in line with the budget of ordinary mobile users.
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