leds gaining market share, even in 32in segment

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-15
The price gap between Led and CCFLs is getting smaller and smaller, making the former the mainstream backlight technology in China.
As the cost drops 3 to 4 times faster than CCFLs, the led will dominate LCD backlight technology in China.
At present, most small and medium-sized LCD modules for mobile and portable devices use screens with led as light sources.
Show search and even project LED-
Backlight unit will exceed CCFL/EEFL backlightarea TFT-
Liquid crystal panel by 2013 2011 74% of market share.
The narrowing of the spread between Led and CCFLs helps the former to gain visibility, especially in market segments from 14 to 24 in.
This model is currently 3 to 15% more expensive than the CCFL model, with a difference between $3 and $15.
Due to the small price gap, THTF company in Hong Kong
David Shaw, general manager of the overseas business department of the limited company, said that this is easier for the terminal
Users are more focused on additional features than on additional costs.
These include ultrasonic appearance, low energy consumption, Mercury
Free components, greater dynamic contrast and a wider and deeper color range.
Positive Response to LED products from 14 to 24in
Backlight screens encourage more manufacturers to join this line, which will further reduce costs.
At present, medium-sized displays and TVs account for half of China\'s LED equipment exports.
Shenzhen Haxi Computer Co. , Ltd.
The 80% laptop and all netbooks have LED backlight.
Just a year ago, only 20% of laptops were LED-
LCD backlight module.
In fact, many notebook computer companies in mainland China have added LED-
The past year, especially since most upstream LCD module suppliers are replacing CCFLs with LEDs, is based on the product.
For example, AUO, one of Taiwan\'s major tft LCD manufacturers, plans to convert all of its LCD module production lines for display from CCFLs to led by 2012.
Weihai Dayu Electronics Co. , Ltd.
At the same time, the company expects its scope to be 14 to 23. 5in LED-
Backlight LCD TVs account for 15-20% of total sales this year.
LED extends to the large screen of the TV with measuring 32in and above display, LED-and CCFL-
The backlight version is 30 to 50%.
Nevertheless, the offer of the former has dropped faster than the offer of the CCFL backlight.
Price of LED-32
Over the past six months, backlight LCD TVs have dropped by 15 to 20%.
Quotation for CCFL of the same size in the same period
Backlight mode dropped by less than 5%.
In fact, the situation in the laptop industry may be replicated in the TV industry.
Guangdong Changhong Electronics Co. , Ltd.
Company export LED-
Over the past year, backlight TV has grown by 210% and is expected to account for 20% of the company\'s overseas sales of LCD TV in 2010.
Screen size from 18. 5 to 55in.
Similarly, Hong Kong THTF expects its export share to rise from 15% to 15. 6 to 42in LED-
Backlight TV will contribute 40% of total sales this year. Edge-
Led is most of the equipment made in China.
While the cost of this technology is lower than that of the RGB dynamic led, it makes it possible for the ultra-thin TV.
In addition to the rising manufacturing industry leading to the cost decline, Guangdong Changhong believes that the free fall of prices is the result of ultra-bright and high price development.
LED chipset.
TV panels typically use 1,000 to 4,000 standard LEDs, but only a few hundred ultra-bright versions.
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