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The road goes less often, and for most office managers it\'s natural to look for the best deal when they buy capital devices like computers and peripherals.
Sometimes, however, the best option is not the cheapest.
In this section, we will look at the specific peripherals that were originally purchased more expensive, but, in the long run, this can provide enough savings for operating expenses, make them better than the less expensive models.
The periphery is flat.
LCD screen display.
At first glance, these prices seem very high.
Even the cheapest 15 inch, the price is several times better qualityinch CRT-based display.
However, it is not necessarily better to be bigger in this particular case.
Several factors should be evaluated when considering the purchase of the display.
The first and most important is the type of application that is mainly used for display.
Unless you are running a large number of graphic applications-
Dense, such as desktop publishing, large displays, though attractive, are not really necessary. A major exception is if your office staff generally have poor eyesight.
In this case, you may want to use 17-Inches or even 19-
The inch display has a resolution of 800x600, providing a resolution equivalent to \"large type.
\"For most typical office applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, and even accounting or bookkeeping, the resolution of 800x600 is enough.
It will provide as much detail as possible on the screen and use it reasonably with a large enough display font, without fatigue to the eyes of most users.
In fact, for many users, what causes eye fatigue is not at all the size of the text on the screen.
A more common culprit is the poor adjustment of the display.
The past column discusses the different specifications of the CRT display, such as the point or hole grille structure and spacing.
In addition, it details how to adjust the CRT display and use the display mate of display mate Technologies (www. displaymate. com).
The fact is, many CRT-
Out-of-the-box adjustment based on the display is poor.
And, even if they don\'t, they will stop adjusting with the coming of the age of components.
This creates a subtle \"ambiguity\" on the display, which in turn creates eye fatigue.
If you don\'t adjust your CRT
Based on regular monitors, eventually your office staff will experience some level of unnecessary eye fatigue.
However, the problem is multifaceted, as most organizations do not have people who perform this task on a regular basis.
More importantly, few people realize that this situation represents a problem, or that there is a cheap software utility that can help them solve the problem.
Another benefit offered by Display mate is a clear indication of when to replace the CRT Display.
When you can no longer adjust the display for a clear image, the display has deteriorated to the point where it should be replaced. An LCD-
However, this adjustment is not required initially or continuously based on monitoring.
Because it uses a different type of design, the display will be as sharp as it is out of the box in five years.
The downside is that most LCD displays have a slightly worse display than the best CRT displays.
However, high-quality LCD displays do not create any eye fatigue throughout their working life.
What creates overall savings is work life.
Samsung SyncMaster 570vTFT is one of the latest LCD display products. Samsung (www. Samsung Display. com)
The monitor\'s suggested price tag is $549, but has offered a $50 rebate since the model was launched a few months ago.
This reduced the cost to less than $500.
For this price you will get a very high quality 15-
Inch LCD may provide the same good image after year 45 as when unsealing.
Samsung itself provided three.
The display on the display and the backlight inside the display have an annual warranty.
SyncMaster 570vTFT has 15-
Inch visible diagonal, put the actual visible area in 15-inch and 17-inch CRT-
Based on the display, you can usually see the diagonal lines of 14 inch and 16inches.
While 1024x768 will be more comfortable, this is enough to make the resolution comfortable to set to 800x600.
The additional cost of purchasing an LCD display should be made by many CRT-
Whenever a connected PC is replaced or upgraded, the monitor-based is replaced.
On the other hand, LCD-
The service life of the monitor based should be at least twice that of the CRT monitor.
Moreover, unlike the display with CRT, the quality of the LCD display does not deteriorate over time.
It either shows well or it doesn\'t show at all.
Now may be a good time to buy 15-
Inch LCD monitor, the price has been falling, in addition to Samsung, other manufacturers also began to enter the price space of $500. Larger 17-
However, inch LCD displays are still too expensive for most office managers to justify their fees.
This will eventually change.
Keep in mind that the specific Samsung model used here for instructions is highquality entry-level display.
This and other models from other suppliers offer more options if interested.
You can get the LCD display using the built-in USB hub, which adds additional USB ports that make them easy to access and even have a stereo speaker built into the base to save desktop space.
The LCD display also offers an additional benefit, although many buyers will not be interested in it.
They are much more energy efficient than most CRT displays.
A typical CRT display, even if it meets the EnergyStar standard, has a power of between 80 and 100 watts.
Most LCD displays consume about 50 watts while working, but about 3 to 5 watts in standby mode.
With successive power outages in many Western states and a grim outlook for power in most parts of the country, energy-efficient computer peripherals will not be hurt.
There is a warning before you actually buy an LCD display.
Some new LCD displays have so-called DVI or digital video input connections.
This provides the best image that the display can produce, because the standard LCD Display must convert the analog output of the standard graphics card to the digital signal required by the LCD display.
The downside is that the display with DVI input requires the graphics card in the PC to have DVI output.
Unless your computer is very new, you are unlikely to have this type of output.
DVI connectors are often not available even on new computers.
So make sure that the display matches the type of video output provided by the computer.
Then, sit back and enjoy a clear presentation for the next few years.
Ted\'s former editor-in-chief of United Pressin-
Editor-in-chief of Accounting Technology Journal.
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