last minute redesign may delay the \'iphone 6\': sources

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-24
TOKYO (Reuters)-
Apple\'s suppliers are scrambling to prepare enough screens for the new iPhone 6 smartphone, as a key component needs to be redesigned before it is expected to be released next month, disrupting panel production, supply chain sources said.
It is not clear whether the issue will be delayed or limit the number of phones that consumers can initially use, the source said.
Screen iphone this year
The shopping season ended as market share lost to cheaper competitors.
However, this problem highlights the risks and challenges faced by suppliers in meeting Apple\'s strict specifications, followed by a separate screen technology problem. Since its resolution, make thinner screens for larger iPhone 6 models.
Cupertino, California
S. -based Apple has arranged a media event for Sept.
Many expect the new iPhone 6 to launch both phones at the same time. 7 inch (11. 94 cm)and 5. 5 inch (13. 97 cm)screens -
Bigger than 4-
Inch screen on IPhone 5S and 5c.
Two supply chain sources said that after the backlight that helped illuminate the screen had to be modified, the display panel production suffered setbacks, and screen assembly was put on hold for some time in June and July.
One person familiar with the matter said that Apple\'s goal is to make the phone as thin as possible, initially hoping to reduce a layer of backlight for the four phones, rather than the standard two layers. 7-
Inch screen, enter mass production ahead of the 5 th. 5-inch version.
But the new configuration is not bright enough, the backlight is sent back to the drawing board to accommodate additional layers, which takes precious time and temporarily idle some screen assembly operations, the source said.
Now production is back on track and suppliers are working on it
Supply chain sources added that this is to make up for the time lost.
Japan shows the company , sharp and Korea LG Display Co. , Ltd has been selected to make the iPhone 6 screen, the source said.
The three vendors and Apple delegates declined to comment.
As we all know, while competing to create designs, shapes, Apple has put demanding demands on its parts suppliers for new iPhones and iPads, in the highly competitive gadget market, the size and function can make it different and get a higher price.
This can lead to failures and delays, including screen issues that led to reduced supply when high provisioning was introduced last year
The resolution version of the Apple iPad Mini.
This also highlights the risk that suppliers are too dependent on Apple in terms of revenue, causing income fluctuations.
Earlier this month, Japanese monitors, said to be the main supplier of the new iPhone panel, said orders for \"big customers\"
Apple, analysts say.
Arrived as expected, but shipment for July may be delayed
Quarter September
Japan\'s reliance on Apple\'s cyclical business has upset some investors.
UBS Securities predicts that Apple will contribute more than third of Japan\'s total revenue in the year ending March 2015.
Japanese monitor shares fell to 12-
Weekly low of 501 yen after the first
Quarterly earnings for August.
Behind market expectations.
In Taiwan, which has a number of Apple suppliers and assemblers, the growth of export orders in July was lower than expected, although the factory rushed out before the new smartphone was released, reflecting the unstable nature of the business
\"At the moment, there is a slight shortage in the supply of dedicated components for our communications equipment,\" said a spokesman for Heshuo of the iphone.
\"This kind of problem often occurs and the impact on production is negligible.
\"Supply chain sources said earlier that the screen entry of the new iPhone poses a challenge.
Cell technology eliminates the layer in the LCD screen and makes it thinner, which leads to a production delay of the larger 5. 5-inch version.
According to an industry insider,
The community problem has now been solved.
The pressure on Apple-
Samsung Electronics Co recently, a group of aggressive, lower
The cost of Chinese producers such as Xiaomi and Lenovo Group Co. , Ltd. is
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