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by:LCD Mall     2020-08-12
Early excitement about the next iPhone is months ahead of the expected fall debut.
Analysts expect Apple to release three iPhones this year, but the biggest concern is the rumored super iphone.
Advanced models celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.
For the phone, Apple is expected to change the screen type used by the iPhone.
Now, you say, \"the type of screen that I really should be excited about for that,\" and I hear you.
But when you think about the time you spend looking at the screen of your phone, it can be a meaningful change.
So, here\'s a brief introduction to what you need to know if Apple switches from the current LCD (LCD)
A screen of organic light. LEDs (OLED)
Screen called AMOLED
The essential difference between the LCD screen and the AMOLED screen is the existence of backlight.
At present, the LCD screen on Apple\'s mobile phone has a backlight, which always shines behind the screen.
However, this additional layer is not required for the AMOLED screen;
Whenever power passes through the screen, the pixels that make up the image on the screen light up.
The AMOLED screen can be very thin due to this difference, which means you can make thinner products.
They naturally also offer more vibrant colors, which is why TV makers have been rolling out various forms of OLED for large screens.
In particular, the AMOLED screen has more control over each pixel --
This means a better contrast for the audience.
These screens can also improve battery life in some cases.
AMOLED screens can be more energy efficient because there is no backlight-
Efficient when users view darker themes, allowing the phone to turn off pixels and stop the drawing function.
So why hasn\'t Apple turned to AMOLED yet? After all, Apple competitors like Samsung and LG have installed these screens on smartphones.
Of course, the LCD screen also has its own advantages, otherwise Apple will not stay on the screen for such a long time.
In general, they produce more realto-
More Life color than the AMOLED screen.
They are also more visible in direct sunlight than AMOLED screens, and they have a higher overall brightness due to backlighting.
In my opinion, Apple\'s LCD screen is also easier to see from multiple angles than AMOLED --
Smartphone screen
Although it can depend on the device.
It is also cheaper to produce LCD monitors.
It\'s not that easy to make complex AMOLED screens, especially on the scale of Apple\'s iphone production.
That explains why most Apple fans think there is only the highest
The terminal phone will have a new screen.
Some analysts warn that even if only one of the three models is expected to change the technology, the iphone with the new screen may not be enough to meet the demand.
Then the cost.
AMOLED switches are also considered to be the reason for the high price
The price of the IPhone may exceed $1,000.
Beautiful, even in mass
The world of production is not cheap.
Still, this cost may be worth it, especially when people take more photos and videos.
Now, social media and streaming services are some of the biggest reasons we use smartphones, and Apple knows that too.
In fact, Apple is even making its own show.
It may suggest that it looks great on the shiny new iPhone.
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