huawei talkband b5 full review: activity tracker with colour display that doubles as bluetooth headset for calls

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-06
Huawei\'s wearable product line has not caused much buzz outside of China, but the tech giant hopes its new fitness tracker, talk band B5, will be lucky for the third time, it has improved heart rate tracking and a brighter, larger display.
It also works as a Bluetooth headset.
Talk band B5 is a fitness band that looks and behaves much like Fitbit Charge 2 with a plastic strap and a rectangular screen that is able to track steps, heart rate and sleep, other activities. The B5’s 1. 1-
The inch color OLED display is more vibrant than the one color screen of Fitbit Charge 2.
Press the two small buttons near the bottom of the display, b5\'s \"face\" pops up and becomes one of the Micro Bluetooth headsets people use to make their hands
Free phone calls.
Whether it\'s a fitness wristband or in-ear headset.
B5 is about 30g with its complete Band weight-lighter than Fitbit Charge 2-the headset itself is barely registered on a 10g scale.
The waterproof grade of B5 is 67.
This is not full.
On waterproof, like the IP68 in the flagship phone, so you can\'t swim with B5, but it doesn\'t matter to use it in the rain or even in the shower.
Like any fitness tracker, B5 needs to be synced to Huawei\'s health app (
For Android and iOS)
For function.
This app is not the most beautiful, but it syncs much faster with B5 than with Charge 2.
B5 can receive notifications from the chat app, but you can only read notifications and cannot reply to them.
Whether it\'s a caller or a recipient, the quality of the phone call is good.
While you can answer all incoming calls, you can only call the person you added contact details to the Huawei health app.
Huawei has partnered with researchers at Harvard University to establish a health tracking algorithm.
The band\'s heart rate monitor seems as accurate as the wrist.
Based on tracking can (
The final chest strap is more accurate)
-I measured my heart rate with B5, Apple Watch and Fitbit Charge 2 and all the numbers were similar.
Sleep tracking also seems to be correct.
Like Fitbit, Huawei offers
Deep sleep analysis breaks down my sleep cycle into \"light\", \"deep\" and \"fast eye movement \".
Apple Watches can\'t do the same.
Ironically, the complex part of Huawei\'s fitness tracker is correct, but not basic.
Unlike Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Samsung trackers, B5 cannot automatically detect exercise.
Having said that, it takes only a few taps to start exercise tracking.
The battery life on B5 is very good.
For me, a charge lasted a little more than three days and kept track of the heart.
If you turn it off, I suspect it could last four days.
Fitbit charges 2, however, can last almost six days.
B5 talk band B5 is one of the two rarein-
A device that looks good and works well.
But it is worth mentioning how useful it is to call a function.
Nowadays, young people rarely make phone calls-texting is their preferred way of communicating-for those who call, the emergence of real wireless earbuds like Apple AirPods, you can talk and listen to music through Bluetooth headsets.
Even Huawei seems to acknowledge this: it has been patented for the design of a smartwatch with wireless earplugs hidden inside.
Now, this is a really exciting device.
Price: 999 yuan (US$145. 99)
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