htc touch 2 review - htc\'s second edition touch2

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-28
HTC Touch 2 is a stylish high-end Touch screen HTC phone.
The new Touch 2 has many important features.
The phone was designed on the Windows platform.
It uses advanced Windows 6.
5 Professional Technology.
You can use the Microsoft My Phone service in this Phone.
The HTC Touch 2 combines a decent and stunning look and can be purchased in silver, brown and black.
This mobile phone has 2.
8 inch TFT soft touch screen.
This phone looks attractive.
Touch2 is useful for professionals and others.
It is good for everyone.
It will help you keep in touch with your friends through various social networking sites such as Facebook.
With the help of live messenger, you can keep in touch with his colleagues or anyone else.
You will be able to classify your messages in this phone by professional and personal categories.
HTC Touch 2 keeps you updated on the weather, the latest news, and more.
You can arrange your favorite apps in the communication widget available on this latest HTC phone screen.
This new pda htc phone also comes with a touch-sensitive zoom lever that helps easily zoom in and out. Bluetooth 2.
This phone supports A2DP.
It will help you transfer music; pictures etc.
Other Bluetooth-enabled phones.
This phone will help you manage your career and social life in an efficient way.
The phone provides personal and corporate email settings in a very simple way.
You can also download useful apps and exciting games from Windows Market place.
This HTC mobile will help you collect your favorite songs.
You can classify various songs in different playlists.
One thing is for sure, you will never get bored with touching 2 because it has a lot to entertain you.
The phone also comes with Google Maps and a YouTube connection.
You can play YouTube videos on this phone.
Playing your favorite YouTube video on your phone will be an amazing experience.
The phone will also extend battery usage.
Internet access through this phone is a great experience.
Microsoft Exchange is supported by HTC Touch 2, where you can use multiple email accounts.
This phone has an advanced version of the Internet Explorer Mobile app installed.
Therefore, you will be able to browse web pages like a desktop computer.
The phone also supports Adobe Flash.
By using the My Phone service, you will be able to sync contacts, music, photos and information for free.
As the phone enters the market, consumers who want to buy HTC phones will have a better choice.
After reading the features of this new HTC phone, it\'s hard to resist yourself from the desire to buy it.
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