hp jornada 928: a real box of tricks

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-18
We \'ve heard a lot about \"fusion\"-something that seems different is coming together.
In the 1980 s, this meant Telecom and computers, now implemented in the Internet and in a large number of modems.
In the 1990 s, this meant higher forms of telecom such as computer and telephone exchanges.
Gave us voice mail.
Recently, we have been looking for the integration of handheld devices-the integration between personal digital assistants who can do computing functions and mobile phones that do mobile phones and other things.
In Convergence, a function is often dominant.
Telecom is included in the computer function of the Internet.
The computer is once again dominant in voice mail (dammit).
So, shouldn\'t PDAs absorb the phone and make these functions their own, better than the phone\'s acceptance of PDA functions-notes, calendars, address books-on board?
Let\'s try to answer this by looking at HP Jornada 928, which is probably the last one in the PDAs\'s prestigious Jornada series. After HP (aka Hewlett-Packard)
Last year, the company eventually merged with Compaq, which had to decide whether to continue using its iPaq (from Compaq)
Is it line or Jornada?
For reasons that are not entirely clear, especially considering complaints about the design flaws of the iPaq, they decided to cancel Jornada.
However, it was not available until the launch of 928 or Jornada 928 WDA (wireless digital assistant) from outside the door.
The first impression is positive: it is smooth and quite light (sub-200g)device.
The two tabs at the top allow you to accept and end phone calls without opening the lid, while the LCD display shows signal strength and battery power.
It is connected to the PC via a USB holder, which is also a charger.
The trouble began when the lid was opened.
Jornada runs Microsoft\'s Pocket PC operating system.
Like a mini.
I went to Windows 98, let\'s start with everything.
I think it\'s also confusing, especially when paired with a phone that can GSM and GPRS, like Jornada (the higher-speed packet-
Data or voice based systems). Why?
Because PocketPC doesn\'t seem to be able to decide how long you want a phone and how many PDA\'s.
Do you want to call the new number quickly?
Just open the lid and press a button to find the correct dial screen and take out the stylus (
Or risk of prompting the error button), and dial.
Or voice-
But it\'s slower.
I would rather use the real phone.
But no, you mean Jornada and its PocketPC class are for those who want to go online and do e-commerce
Mail and photos (
Have a neat add-on
On a digital camera)
There is no need to start a laptop in mobile.
In my tests, I suspect that Jornada is for those who use it in a completely different way than I do. But how?
One friend has a 02 XDAs, and another PDA, a handheld computer with built-in phone functions.
He is an IT professional: he wants to manage e-commerce
Post, do voice calls, and handle his website when he goes abroad-by using telnet for example (
Remote login via internet).
What does he think of PocketPC?
He wants to clean it up and install Linux.
It makes me feel like I\'m not completely crazy to find that PocketPC is an annoying OS.
Not familiar can be the reason, but over the years I \'ve used enough operating systems to know that people shouldn\'t find themselves standing in the middle of the room and saying \"No!
Go back to the previous screen, not that one!
\"More than two or three times.
This is a problem I haven\'t had on Palm OS.
Of course, this is a limited, clumsy thing, not a lot of fancy things.
Again, pen and paper are not, but these are still tools for my recording industry, not sound --
The activated digital recorder.
The question I have been asking is: what can you do only with this product, you need the phone function fixed on the PDA, where do you need the power of this PDA to do remote work, but don\'t have or want a real PC?
I can\'t think of anything.
Who is this?
This is not HP\'s fault except for PocketPC (entirely;
Although they can try a form of Linux like sharp)
Another argument between me and Jornada is battery life.
To some extent, this is not HP\'s fault either, as the need for an operating system can have a huge impact on battery life, or a lack of battery life.
Frankly speaking, battery life is very bad compared to standard phones or non-phonesphone PDA.
You will get about four hours of actual use from it (
Maybe less if the screen is bright)
Need to recharge before;
It may be a working day in real life.
Compared to the week-
You will get a long standby time from your phone and it is clear that the PocketPC tribe will never stay away from the power supply.
So why don\'t you have a laptop or a mobile phone?
It is clear that fusion can only go so far.
The differences are here and healthy.
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