how transmissive film works

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-02
At the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Las Vegas, Nevada. convention-
The audience watched the concept car showing the latest car stereo technology, on-board equipment and comfort.
One of them is a jet.
The black BMW X5 launched by Visteon and 3 m.
The black BMW on CES, a promotional prototype for Visteon and 3 m, shows what the two companies can do when they get together.
BMW contains 50 new technologies, from the distance sensor on the rear bumper to the eye --catching 3-
D dashboard display.
But maybe the coolest. -
If not the most dazzling-
The function is to use the so-called transmission film, greatly improving the clarity and brightness of the LCD display on the dashboard.
The name of the transmission film comes from the transmission LCD screen, which uses backlight to illuminate individualsscreen pixels.
Common transmission LCD screen on computer display, high
LCD TV, handheld computers, mobile phones, and even some digital watches.
3m is the pioneer of the transmission film to design the impossible polymer film-
The thickness is reduced to 62 m (
62 1 m of million)--
It can be applied on the outside or inside of the LCD screen, greatly improving the brightness, clarity and direction control of the image.
A typical LCD display loses a lot of brightness between the backlight and the image that appears on the screen.
3m estimates that viewers actually see only 8 to 10% of the backlight [source: 3M].
The rest is lost when light passes through the liquid crystal of various polarizers, color filters, and LCD panels.
By using a variety of Transmission Films, LCD manufacturers can redirect, recycle and amplify light to increase energy efficiency by up to 120% [source: 3M].
Another issue with the LCD screen is security.
If you\'re standing in front of an ATM, you don\'t want everyone around to know how much cash is on your checking account.
Or, if you\'re writing your novel at a local Starbucks, you don\'t want that person at the table next door to get a preview.
The transmission film can help prevent anyone who does not stand directly in front of the screen from taking LCD images.
So how does the transmission film work in the LCD equipment?
So how does the LCD device work?
Continue to read the introduction of LCD technology and how different types of transmission film can make the LCD experience more efficient and user friendly.
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