how to use oled display arduino module

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-16
Hello everyone, this is the first time that led _ p8x16s}
Here you can change the comments you want to display in the first, second, and third lines.
The first and second parameters are the x, y coordinates of the start.
Upload the code and then you will see the text that is displayed now!
Here is the Bentley logo picture. Adjust the picture to 128x64 pixels and save the picture.
If you don\'t know how to transfer picture pixels, download 128x64 mp here. Transfer mp code to binary code using the following software, download bitmap_convertersave output
Txt \", open the logo.
Txt you will see the binery code of the picture in the const unsigned char logo []= {. . . };
Copy this sample code (code-bmp. txt)
Change the image binary in the sample code to Arduino IDEInstead.
Find the \"const unsigned char flag []
And copy the code to this function.
You can run the sample code if you don\'t understand this step. . .
Now you can see its display on OLED!
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