how to replace dell vostro 1500 laptop screen

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-09
Dell Vostro is a series of computers launched by Dell for the small business market.
Prior to Vostro, Dell\'s home computers and small commercial computers were sold under the same range of products.
Dell Vostro is a series of computers launched by Dell for the small business market.
Prior to Vostro, dell Solutions had the same sales channels for home and small business computers: the size of home and small business desktops, and the Inspiron of home and small business laptops.
With the introduction of Vostro, the dimension line has been retired, and the Inspiron line has been replaced to include all computers in the home market regardless of the shape.
A significant difference between the Inspiron series and the Vostro series is that the Vostro series is more affordable, but the technical support time is shorter.
With the Vostro range, customers can choose to purchase a technical support contract, get 24/7 technical support from Dell, and customers can choose not to expand-
Dell provides hourly technical support and pays less for their devices.
I purchased a laptop, a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop.
But after a while, the LCD screen will not work.
Unfortunately, it is no longer under warranty.
Recently, I need to find a replacement as soon as possible.
If you don\'t know much about your computer, it can be daunting to replace the external components on your Dell stro 1500 laptop.
However, if you no longer have a warranty on your computer and are on a tight budget, you may have no choice.
The good news is that the screen on the Vostro can be disassembled in a relatively short period of time and only one tool is needed.
In this article, I will tell you the correct method below. 1.
You should turn off the Vostro 1500 and remove the power cord and disconnect the battery from the port at the bottom of your computer.
Then, simply use the tip of the screwdriver to screw each of the six screws on the bezel (frame)
Dell Vostor 1500 LCD screen perimeter.
There are four screws on the top and four screws on the bottom. 2.
Remove all screws using a screwdriver.
Pry the baffle from the screen through the sides and corners and place the baffle on one side.
Remove four screws from each holder on both sides of the LCD screen.
Find the webcam above the LCD screen. 3.
Remove the two screws on both sides of the webcam.
Tilt the screen forward and unplug the screen cable from the back.
Lift the screen from the stand and put it aside.
Install a new screen in its location.
Plug the ribbon cable into the port on the back.
Reassemble the computer in the opposite order and you take it apart.
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