how to get the best quality of an lcd screen

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-01
Make sure the display is adjusted to the best performance as per the manufacturer\'s requirements
Suggest or default settings if possible.
Make sure your graphics card is set to the best resolution for the LCD display.
Obviously, the most important tool (
Diagnostic equipment)
The way to evaluate the quality of the LCD screen is the human eye.
Adjust the display settings on the computer so that the screen brightness is roughly the same as the working environment.
Also, adjust the screen settings to make sure the screen background and on-
High screen characters.
And make sure the text size is optimized in the most comfortable way.
Use the Control Panel> Display Settings> Advanced> monitor and set the screen refresh rate \"(frequency)
Try your best.
According to eye experts, the refresh rate should be above 70Hz.
The LCD screen usually fails to reproduce all levels of grayscale (
Gray range between real black and real white).
When a bright white image is generated, many LCD screens oversaturate the gray scale: the lightest gray in the scale is lost in the white background.
Oversaturation can also cause loss of color range
The LCD screen has poor color reproduction at the brightest end of the scale, closest to white. A color-
When the intensity of red, green and blue (RGB)
Adjustment different from signal-
The level change of the LCD screen.
Lack of balance between RGB channels affects color and grayscale, but is most easily recognized as a color offset in gray shadows.
It is difficult to achieve a fully uniform backlight of the entire display surface.
It is not uncommon for the LCD panel to have bright or dim patches or subtle changes in color strength, which makes shadows appear on the screen, or the color intensity on the LCD display variable.
In addition, using a dark screen is the easiest way to discover glare and reflection problems, both of which produce distracting effects when you watch the LCD display.
The LCD screen is fragile.
Dead Pixels may appear when the screen is damaged or the pressure is applied to the screen.
Unfortunately, few manufacturers replace the screen with dead pixels during the warranty period.
The cracked or damaged Display is unfixable and a new screen needs to be replaced.
Fortunately, it is easy to change even if you are not a technician.
As most computer manufacturers charge too much, you may try to find the third one
Party companies that sell LCD screens on the market.
There are plenty of brand new LCD screens in some places.
If you can\'t find the specific model listed on the website, you can call or email them.
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