how to fix the screen in your storm door

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-25
If you\'re tired of seeing the ugly hole on the screen of the aluminum shield door, maybe it\'s time for you to try to fix it. . .
The big problem with aluminum screen doors is. . .
If you\'re tired of seeing the ugly holes on the screen of the aluminum screen, it may be time for people to fix it yourself.
The biggest problem with aluminum shield doors is that sometimes people paint them, and the Shield frame does not come out of the door easily without damaging the painting work or shield frame.
No problem, it can be fixed without removing it from the door.
You have to get the glass out of the door frame.
Typically, this includes lifting up all the way up, pulling out the bottom edge of the glass slightly, and then pulling down all the way down.
If you have gone that far, you should be able to fully access the screen from the inside of the storm door.
Pull out the old plastic flower line that holds the screen and save it if possible.
Pull out the screen material.
Cut a new piece of gauze 3 inch larger than the opening around it and take out four pieces and two pieces
Flower strips in inches.
Use a flat screwdriver to poke the flower line into the screen frame so as to accommodate the cloth at each of the four corners of the frame.
If you are using aluminum gauze, please be careful and gently push into the flower line so as not to tear the cloth.
Once you fix the cloth well, you need to buy a cheap screen roller from the hardware store.
It\'s better to have a metal wheel.
Gently start rolling the cloth into the screen frame on the vertical side and use the roller to push the flower line all the way into the screen channel.
When you come to a corner, you have to remove the small flower lines used to secure the fabric inside.
Then use the screwdriver blade to push the new flower line into the corner and roll around the corner.
Be careful slowly!
, You have to start from scratch if you tear off the screen!
When you continue to scroll over the top of the frame, let someone support the back of the frame with their hands to prevent pressure on the glass windows above.
Continue to scroll through the flower key slot, and then cut off the excess screen with a tool knife. You are done !
Many screens can be fixed in place this way, which saves all the hassle of going to the glass shop and trying to get in and out of the screen.
You don\'t have to put up with that ugly hole on your front door screen anymore!
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