how to find out the sew time on a husqvarna viking

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-20
In order to keep your sewing machine in its best condition, it is best to always know your sewing time. Most low-
This function is not provided by the terminal machine, but it is high
Terminal machines like Husqvarna Viking can do this.
Sewing Technicians advise the owner to bring in the sewing machine after sewing for so much time, for adjustment and good cleaning.
It\'s hard to track sewing time manually by yourself.
That\'s why Husqvarna Viking machines are so extravagant in providing electronic sewing time in all high-end products
Sewing machines and embroidery machines.
Press and hold the \"reverse\" button, the \"half up/half down\" button, and turn on the \"power\" button at the same time.
The sewing machine can make strange noises, probably the ones you \'ve never heard before.
Don\'t panic, it\'s normal.
Select the last button on the third line of the LCD display.
The screen will show the sewing time of the machine in days, hours and seconds.
Write down the sewing time and keep it in the record for later use.
Press the back button or power off the sewing machine to exit from the screen.
Do not touch other buttons on the sew screen, because these buttons are used by authorized technicians when you put the machine into use.
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