how the touch screen monitor works

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-24
There are three commonly used touch screen technology: 1.
The resistance type uses a common glass panel covered by a resistance and conductive metal layer and a protective layer (
Scratch resistant
Above all this.
When you touch the screen, two metal layers will be connected and changes in the electric field will be detected.
The circuit on the display then calculates the coordinates and transmits them to the touch screen software.
The touch screen driver transfers coordinate information to the operating system in the form of events similar to mouse click and drag.
Once the surface is added, the system registers the touch event.
This means that you can use your finger, pen, or any other item as input.
This also makes it the most vulnerable to physical damage from sharp objects.
The metal layer transmits only about 75% of the light from the display, making its display clarity the lowest of the three layers. 2.
Using the capacitor type, place the layer of the stored charge on the monitor glass.
When you touch the layer, a small amount of charge is transferred to you, reducing the charge of the layer.
The sensor located in the corner of the display detects changes in the level of charge and transmits the information to the touch screen software for processing.
Compared to the resistance type, the biggest advantage of the capacitance type is that it has a light throughput of 90%, while the resistance type.
This makes the screen of the capacitive touch screen display clearer.
Since this type uses charge to detect touch events, you have to use conductive inputs such as fingers. 3.
The surface acoustic wave type uses two sensors and one reflector, all placed on the monitor glass panel.
One sensor sends an electrical signal to the other, and the reflector reflects the signal.
The receiving sensor is able to detect and locate any touch event.
Since there is no metal layer on the surface of this type of display, their optical throughput is 100%, so it is the clearest image.
Similar to resident, this type can detect touch events of almost any object except for very small or hard items, such as pens.
These are just the most commonly used types.
There are many other touch screen technologies, such as strain configuration (from 1960\'s)or relatively-
Modern optical imaging technology.
As we speak, new ones are being developed.
Touch screen technology has made great progress in the past few years.
The IPhone had a revolution in hardware and touch screen software.
According to the survey, the demand for touch screen computers, notebook computer users and desktop computers has increased significantly.
Perhaps, the time to put the mouse away finally arrived.
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