how apple not selling enough iphones is good news for you and samsung

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-12
For a variety of reasons, the 2018 series iphone has not yet met their sales expectations, and the trouble between Apple and them seems to have declined to disappear.
A report from ETNews now shows that iphone sales are lower than expected, creating a new problem for Cupertino --
Technology giants.
IPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are equipped with OLED displays, none of which are available except Apple\'s rival Samsung.
ETNews reported that Apple may eventually owe Samsung hundreds of billions of won for not buying an agreed number of OLED displays.
According to the report, 100 billion won is now close to $86 million, so one cannot determine what the actual cost is.
A ZDNet report said the fact that Apple insisted that \"Samsung monitors build facilities specifically for the iPhone\" was punished.
Apple has reportedly told Samsung it needs 100 million OLED iPhone displays a year.
However, sales expectations have not been met, which has also damaged the revenue of Samsung monitors.
Interestingly, Apple may not pay any cash at the time of the penalty.
It may require Samsung to make OLED panels for new devices-such as a MacBook-as a compromise, meaning that users may get OLED displays on other Apple devices.
There are rumors that the 2020 series of iPhones will be equipped with OLED displays, but this may not solve the current problem.
Therefore, MacBooks or iPads running on an LCD display may come with an OLED display.
In fact, it is reported recently that Apple may launch a MacBook device later this year, and one of them may launch 16-
The largest inch display on the MacBook.
However, there is no official confirmation of whether an LCD or OLED display will be launched.
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