honor 10 review: the more wallet-friendly huawei p20

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-07
We are halfway through 2018 and my favorite smartphone in the first half of this year is triple smartphone
The camera of Huawei P20 Pro.
This phone is not without defects.
Its video capture capabilities are severely below standard.
But I can\'t overcome the surreal low light performance of that phone.
The battery life of the day and quite unique gradient paint work, the color will flash and change as the light changes.
But for some consumers, the phone costs $850.
The price is too high.
If you belong to that group, Huawei\'s son.
Brand honors may give you honor 10.
Similar but different untrained eyes may be difficult to tell the difference between Honor 10 and Huawei p20.
This 10 uses the same gradient color scheme of the P20, and according to the influence of light on the glass body, the P20 changes from dark purple to royal blue.
Like the P20, Honor 10 also has a gap and a relatively large chin
Fingerprint reader facing. The in-
The two phones feel very similar.
However, in addition to the obvious things like logo and camera module alignment, there are subtle differences.
Honor 10 uses an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor embedded under the glass panel, making the sensor area completely refreshed with the rest of the phone, while the P20 uses a more traditional fingerprint sensor with a distinct groove.
Initially, I thought the fingerprint sensor of honor 10 was superior as it could barely disguise by feeling or touching with the rest of the front panel.
But I quickly realized that not being able to find a fingerprint sensor by feeling was a hassle that caused an error scan attempt.
I\'m not going to say it\'s too bad.
Muscle memory eventually helped my thumb find the sensor relatively normal
But I would say there\'s a 3-
5% in any given unlock attempt, it is possible for my thumb to misposition on the sensor, resulting in an error.
On P20 Pro, the percentage of error is less than 1%. Surprisingly—
Considering that the price of honor 10 is significantly lower, it is about $500.
The 10 phones run on the same Kirin 970 chipset as HUAWEI P20 phones, although Kirin 970 debuted with Mate 10 Pro last fall and is now a little bit old, is no longer the most powerful chipset on the block.
It\'s still enough to handle most tasks, except to be able to shoot 4k videos at 60fps or to process 4k video clips at Snapdragon 845 --handsets.
Solid camera, but to catch up with the honor of Big Brother, like Huawei, is playing A. I.
Angle of camera-in fact, “A. I.
Camera \"marks on the back of the body of honor 10-
But although the 10 camera is very good in the medium term
Layer device, it is not as good as OnePlus 6, definitely a few steps behind its big brother Huawei P20 Pro.
Some are unfair.
The P20 Pro has three cameras, including a 40-
The megapixel sensor, so of course it\'s better than the dual camera of honor 10.
But even if we ignore the hardware, the software ability to make the P20 Pro my favorite smartphone photography camera is gone in honor 10.
P20 Pro can bring industry-best low-
Because it uses A. I.
Stable long exposure lens.
Huawei calls it \"night mode\" and it\'s a game
Smartphone Photography change because the phone can simply produce images without the darkness of other phones
Not the best Samsung or Apple phonecan.
The reason is unknown, A. I-
There is no auxiliary \"night mode\" on honor 10 \".
Still, compare the photos taken by Honor 10 to most other phones, which will have their own phones.
The main lens is 16-megapixel f/1.
8 sensors, while the second-level shooter is 24-
A megapixel monochrome module that provides additional lighting information.
The cooperation between the two is like Huawei\'s last flagship.
Here are some sample photos taken by Honor 10.
Honor 10 did an admirable job of making a photo in the light that was brighter than the actual scene, but in doing so the shutter speed slowed down, so, the motion of the car below is blurred and not so fast.
This is a bokeh photo taken by my friend using the \"Portrait mode\" of honor 10.
\"Overall, the camera of honor 10 was able to detect the shape of my friend very well, but he was really struggling with the people behind him and there was a lot of deformation around his face.
It\'s not a bad smartphone fake.
Bokeh shot anyway, but something like one plus 6 can do better.
When shooting during the day, these 10 lenses produce clear, clean images with good color accuracy and dynamic range.
The 10 camera app layout is almost the same as the p20 camera app, which means it\'s very intuitive and easy to use.
There are manual controls and interesting AR modes that allow the user to project the holographic onto any surface in the viewfinder.
The software experience takes time to adapt to the honor 10 running almost the same software as the P20, as it is a cheeky version of Android 8. 1.
This skin is a bit split from Huawei\'s EMUI.
I don\'t think most American critics like it.
Like they did.
But millions of honor/Huawei users in China, India and Europe don\'t seem to mind.
I am neutral on EMUI.
I don\'t like the twist.
Both Apple and Google have decided to choose modern \"graphic design\" from a few years ago, a direction \"I don\'t like the app tray still need to click on-
Instead of sliding the screen icon for the operation.
But I like the fine notification and battery management options offered by EMUI, as well as features like screen recording and finger gesture.
I think Android diehard elements always prefer to be closer to the stock of Android, but there is no problem with those who used to use Huawei and honor phones, or those from Samsung or Xiaomi (
The skin of these two software is also very heavy)
Just EMUI.
The battery life of honor 10 is not as epic as the recent day of the p20-and-
Half the battery life.
But this is because the battery capacity of 10 is a little smaller at 3400.
Still, with Honor\'s smart battery optimization and the \"only\" 1080 p display, I \'ve been able to come up with 10 batteries a day to support me all day long.
This is something I can\'t say for any iPhone or Samsung phone.
When it comes to the display, the panel of honor 10 is the LCD panel, not the advanced OLED on the P20 Pro, but the 5 of 10. 8-
Bright and powerful inch panel.
If you want to know, this gap doesn\'t really get in the way of you because it mainly takes up the gap between the notification icon and the battery icon on the Android status bar.
Honor does allow you to completely hide the gap like the LG G7 or OnePlus 6.
Potential buyers of mobile phones may also want to pay attention to other shortcomings: like most Huawei devices, Honor 10 does not offer micro SD-
But the phone provides 128GB of internal storage, which should be enough for most people.
It also does not have a waterproof grade, but there are few other waterproof grades
This service is provided by a remote phone, so I can\'t blame honor for it.
Its video features are just as mediocre as the p20, which means you have to stick to the recording of 1080p because 4k lacks OIS or EIS, causing the video to fluctuate.
Overall, Honor 10 is a great choice for those interested in P20 or who used to be a fan of Huawei/honor mobile.
Considering that both phones have better cameras and a slightly more powerful processor, OnePlus 6 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s are generally a better value, but the look of honor 10 is different, huawei\'s modems are a bit faster on the Internet and WiFi.
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