hitachi dpg offers lvds tft displays to support sbc applications.

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-29
News of global computer productsMarch 31, 2011-
Hitachi DPG provides TFT displays that support SBC applications (C)1995-
2011 communication of Hitachi Display Products Group (DPG)
Part of Hitachi Europe Ltd, said yesterday that it now offers a range of LVDS (low-
Voltage difference signal
Data Interface for single board computer (SBC)
Embedded applications.
The company\'s new TFT Display Series-
The Up has a variety of screen sizes, including 5. 7\" VGA, 6. 5\" VGA, 7. 0\" WVGA, 8. 0\"WVGA, 9. 0\" WVGA and 10. 4\" SVGA.
Hitachi DPG said that integrating the LVDS data interface into the aTFT display module, it can display clear images at all times with low power consumption, excellent tolerance to transmission Online effects and excellent anti-noise capability high speed digital transmission image data. ((
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