hitachi develops in-vehicle ultra-wide ips lcd module.

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-22
Tokyo, Japan, August 3, 2006(JCN)-
Hitachi Display Co. , Ltd.
One has been shown. vehicle ultra-
Wide tft LCD module with IPS technology with high image quality and wide viewing angle.
The sample product is scheduled to be shipped on October 2006. In-
The vehicle LCD panel requires good visibility of the driver and front passenger seats, especially in a bright environment, and good start-up performance at all temperatures.
IPS technology was originally developed for TV monitors, which can improve visibility in brighter environments with high brightness and high contrast.
Hitachi has been developing IPS technology for LCD TV sets, digital cameras and mobile phones, and has applied this technology to the new in-
LCD panel for vehicles.
The company\'s brightness for 9 is about 660cd/m2 with a contrast of 950: 1. 2-
The inch LCD display module reduces driver pressure and creates a more comfortable driving environment. Copyright [c]
2006 Japan Enterprise News Network
All rights reserved.
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