highly responsive blue light sensor with amorphous indium-zinc-oxide thin-film transistor based architecture

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-15
The channel material of the single-layer amorphous inzinc as the thin film transistor is selected (TFT)-
Driver and sensing layer based on blue
Optical sensors are integrated-
Battery embedded photoelectric sensor architecture.
The photoelectric sensor has a high optical response (1280u2009A/W)
And excellent signal-to-noise ratio (~105)
Under blue light.
After that, the sensing and material properties and important issues of a-sensing are studied in detail.
The IZO film in TFT sensor is discussed.
The results show that the number of deep neutral oxygen vacancies is a key factor in the generation of carriers under light.
In addition, positive gate pulses are applied to the device to eliminate continuous optical conductivity to ensure the recovery capability of optical sensor applications.
On the basis of photoelectric sensor TFT, a practical concept of sensor circuit that can be integrated on RGB pixels and have interactive display is also proposed.
With the rapid progress and continuous improvement of thin
Thin Film Transistor (TFTs)
TFT displays have been developed not only for screens, but also for other applications such as flexible electronics, biomedical sensors, non-volatile memory, 3-
Size integrated circuit.
In these new applications, TFT-
LCDs will become an optical detection sensor.
Sensors can be integrated into the manual display panel
Consumer products for photo realization
Sensor functions such as ambient light sensor, image scanner, touch screen, etc.
In addition, amorphous metal oxides (AMO)
, Especially the amorphous inzinc (a-IZO)
, As active layer material has attracted a lot of attention recently.
Different from the traditional amorphous silicon (a-Si)
TFT or polysilicon with poor carrier transmission performance (poly-Si)
TFTs with poor uniformity in large areas,-
IZO shows high electron migration (~10u2009cm/V. s)
, Good uniformity, low manufacturing cost, low process temperature.
Also, the band-
The gap energy of IZO is about 2.
9 ev, which means that blue light with a wavelength of 430 nm can be absorbed or detected by this material.
In addition, there are more children.
Compared with the traditional amorphous InGaZnO, The Gap State at the bottom of the IZO moving edge is 2 ev (a-IGZO)
Channel materials.
This means that the probability of ionization deep neutral oxygen vacancy state is higher (V)
To shallow donors (V)
During the light exposure of IZO.
Therefore, the optical response and signal-to-noise ratio can be further improved by using single layer-
Especially the IZO channel material under blue light.
Coincidentally, unlike many research efforts to explore all-optical spectral sensing, focus on blue-
Light induction combined with-
Izo tft technology and detailed discussion about Blue
The device properties and working mechanism of optical sensors are still rare in academia.
Especially high performance blue-
Optical sensors have shown great commercial potential in many future scientific applications, such
Driving a car in a severe smoke environment, scanning fingerprints or accurate images, lighting from
Adjustment of electronic research on smart agriculture and biomedicine and summary of supplementary maps.
The technology of optical detection and ranging is introduced in detail (LIDAR)
It is widely used in driverless cars.
However, it may lose its efficacy in a severe haze environment, which will lead to serious safety control problems. Hence, a blue-
Optical sensors with high optical response and signal-to-noise ratio may be the ultimate solution for their good noise resistance
Interference performance in smoke compared to other lighting frequencies.
Again, the blue optical sensor
The visible sensing area can also be used for business cards, fingerprints or accurate image scanning because of its good optical sensing properties such as high quantum efficiency, optical response rate, signal-to-noise ratio, and reliability.
On the other hand, the action of blue light through Blue/UV-is particularly effective in light morphological reactionsA sensor (s), and UV-B. Photosensitive (s).
For photosynthesis, the chlorophyll has a strong absorption close to the blue light wavelength.
In the concept of intelligent agriculture, the amount of blue light needs to be controlled by a good light sensor device to increase the yield of crops, which can be named as illumination from
Adjust the system.
In addition, blue light lighting is also classified as \"photosensitive damage\" of human beings \".
A lot of experimental evidence shows that Blue
Light exposure affects many physiological functions.
Some researchers have shown that blue light can give priority to the induction of oxidative stress in live skin Mitochondrial.
When the human skin is exposed to blue light, the self-fluorescence of the Yellow River is weakened, which indicates that the visible components of the blue light have a significant physiological effect on the human skin.
Not only that, but several studies have reported that blue light is more effective in the secretion of black sight that may affect sleep and the human biological clock.
In addition, many studies have confirmed that the cumulative lifetime exposed to blue light can lead to photographs
Oxidation of retinal cells
Therefore, a lot of attention needs to be paid on blue
Development of optical sensors.
In this work, single layer amorphousZn-
O Select Film as active layer material for drive device Channel and blue-
Light sensing function.
At the same time, through detailed material analysis and physical model,-
The IZO sensor TFT is also well discussed under Blu-ray lighting.
In addition, this work also includes other important issues regarding the TFT architecture of the sensor, such as the reliability of the driver part, the temperature impact of the sensor part, and the uniformity features (Supplementary).
In addition, a built-in photo sensor
Cell structure and sensor circuit model of traditional bottom
A gate-driven TFT and sensor TFT that can be integrated on the same Si substrate through a compatible process is also proposed.
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