flip phone could make a comeback

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-13
Samsung is likely to re-launch the flip phone with a new foldable smartphone with two screens. The so-
Galaxy X is reported to have a pair of OLED displays with a hinge in the middle that folds 180 degrees.
According to the report, Samsung has ordered components and plans to produce 2,000 to 3,000 units by July.
According to South Korean news agency investors, Samsung is preparing to test the prototype of the foldable smartphone this year.
\"Samsung seems to be using double-
\"Screen devices collect ideas about upcoming foldable phones,\" a source told the publication . \".
The company first filed a patent for foldable equipment last year.
This could make it easy to turn a phone into a tablet.
Just by unfolding it.
The document shows a narrow Samsung device with a screen bent and folded like an old one
School flip phone with big hinge.
The device is described as something that can be \"semi-auto folded or unfolded.
The patent also mentions \"flex\" and \"secondary\" displays that should be activated when you fold the device.
But the problem is not technology, but whether Samsung can solve the marketing and profitability problems, multiple sources said.
Last month, it was revealed that Samsung has been secretly displaying a radical \"foldable Valley\" device and may launch it later this year to divert the attention of Apple\'s iPhone 8.
Apple is expected to launch the iPhone in September\"
There are new rumors that Samsung may display folding designs at the IFA show in Berlin a few days ago.
According to BGR, Samsung\'s unnamed smartphone apparently showed a limited number of partners at MWC 2017 as the South Korean giant is trying to prevent leaks.
The South Korean website ETNews said the company will begin extensive testing of the prototype later this year, although Samsung may announce it is Apple\'s destroyer, but the phone will be next year.
There have been rumors that Samsung and LG are planning to launch flexible phones later this year.
According to the report, Samsung\'s device, codenamed \"foldable valley\", will become a 7 inch tablet at the time of deployment and is expected to be launched in August.
The company also said LG will launch a similar product and believes it can sell 100,000 foldable devices in the fourth quarter.
According to South Korea\'s news site ETNews, the product is called a \"smartphone\" internally, with a screen of 7 inch at the time of deployment and 5 inch at the time of folding.
Samsung will apparently start mass production of Version 2017 smartphones this year and spend three years developing the technology.
The device, known as the \"foldable Valley\", is expected to take advantage of the curved plastic screen being developed by the Samsung Display department.
On the phone with investors in January, Li Chang, director of Samsung\'s display department-
\"According to our plan, the development of foldable OLED is in progress,\" said Hoon. . .
We plan on a big scale.
Produce and release this product by discussing with out partners.
\"The South Korean tech giant has previously said it will launch foldable devices in 2016. Earlier this year, it was believed that the blog, SamMobile, reported that anonymous sources said the device was already in China.
Sources claiming to have in-
Have an in-depth understanding of the device, which was developed under the project code-named Valley.
They added that two versions of the phone are being tested
One has the Snapdragon 620 processor and the other has the Snapdragon 820 processor.
Elsewhere, the device is said to have 3gb of RAM, microSD card slots and non-
Removable battery.
Samsung told mail online that it would not comment on rumors or speculation.
Samsung has been teasing the curved screen for years, and released a flexible Oled screen called Youm at CES in 2013.
The company said at the time that it could become higher
The resolution screen is on very thin plastic, not glass, so that it can bend without breaking.
However, a laptop-style phone needs to be bent at a very sharp angle and needs to withstand considerable wear and tear, a rumor that some commentators believe should be half-baked.
LG is also developing very curved screens.
At 2014, it shows a job 18-
Inch Ultra HD screen with special film instead of plastic as backing.
This allows the screen to be rolled into a tight tube for transport.
At the time, the company said it might make its debut in 2017.
In May, it introduces a slim \"wallpaper TV\" concept with a thickness of less than 1mm, weighing 4 lbs (1. 9kg)
It is very light and can be attached to the wall with only a magnet.
At IFA, a demonstration showed that an LG employee pulled the screen open and bent from the wall to prove that the screen continued to work.
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