facebook f8: mark zuckerberg reveals latest updates to whatsapp, messenger, virtual reality and more

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-01
Facebook has released new updates for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and almost all other services it offers.
The company also announced that it will release new products, including a Facebook version dedicated to dating and a portable VR headset, which will be the first of its kind.
But at the F8 conference, the launch of the new product was overshadowed by the company\'s ongoing controversy.
Zuckerberg spoke on stage, but he did not apologize or explain the recent incident.
The meeting ended not only in Facebook\'s growing data abuse scandal, but also in WhatsApp co-
Koum founder will leave the company in January.
It is reported that Kum has left because of a dispute with Facebook management over how much user data it can get.
But Zuckerberg did not disclose any impact and thanked Kum for working with him as \"an tireless advocate of privacy and encryption \".
Zuckerberg also mentioned the Cambridge analysis scandal, but just by the way.
He did not apologize for his role in the data abuse scandal, just referring to \"a tense week \".
He reiterated a series of promises, apparently to calm public anger at the dangers of Facebook.
They commit to protecting data and new investments to ensure that the site does not disrupt security or elections.
Zuckerberg said before the event that the challenge of the meeting was to ensure that the company could still use the meeting to launch new products, even while apologizing for its old damage.
\"This will be the theme of the whole meeting,\" he told Wired . \".
Once the discussion of recent events is excluded, the launch of new products will be very rich.
For example, the company revealed that it will add group video chat options to WhatsApp, allowing people to call many people at the same time.
It will also continue to focus on getting people to chat with businesses.
It also shows a new version of Facebook Messenger with a very streamlined interface.
It will now open the list of people who show that users can chat and add new options, including dark mode.
Instagram has also received new updates including a group video chat feature that allows people to meet almost with friends while scrolling through their timeline.
The new feature will bring live video feeds of a person or group of people so that users can scroll Instagram together even if they are physically separated. (
This part of the meeting also saw a short cameo from Jiffpom, a puppy with nearly 9 million fans, which Instagram called the most famous pet on the platform. )
Facebook itself also has a major update to develop dating apps like Tinder.
The new dating platform will live in Facebook\'s main app, but will be separated from it, which keeps competitors\' stocks rising.
It also launched a new Go headset.
Even this headset will include its own video chat, launching a new version of Oculus Rooms that allows people to talk and interact together in virtual spaces.
Oculus Go was first released in October and was the first
This is an independent VR headset with a built-in display and computing power directly into the headset.
So far, VR systems need to be connected to a PC or game console, or in the case of some cheaper wireless devices, use a smartphone plugged into the device to act as a screen.
The tech giant confirmed the launch.
Expected headset f8 at Facebook\'s annual developer conference.
The £ 199 device includes a built-in
In the LCD screen and integrated speakers on both sides of the headset, a wireless controller is also provided to help users navigate the interface of the headset.
But it\'s worth noting that no new hardware was announced at the event.
There are rumors that Facebook may launch a home assistant at F8-but it seems to have been canceled given Facebook\'s increasing caution over personal data access.
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