dscc launches new quarterly display glass substrate market report

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-17
Supply chain consultant (DSCC)
It is a pleasure to announce a new report covering the display of the glass substrate market.
The DSCC quarterly display glass report tracks the glass capacity and shipments of all major glass manufacturers in all LCD and OLED display factories.
The report gives DSCC a comprehensive insight into industry capabilities and utilization
Have a deep understanding of display glass and supply chain.
Glass substrates are the starting point for the production of all plates
Panel Display and glass supply are critical to the display industry.
Even for flexible and foldable OLED displays, due to the excellent thermal stability of this multi-functional material, the glass substrate is also used as a carrier for the pi layer of the display.
\"Glass is the cornerstone material of the display industry, and the glass industry is probably the most profitable business in the industry this century,\" said colleagues at DSCC . \"
Bob O\'Brien, founder and president
\"By combining DSCC\'s deep knowledge of the LCD and OLED supply chain with our expertise in display and glass technology, we have developed a report, information and education can be provided to analysts and executives who need to have a deeper understanding of this critical material \".
The report draws on O\'Brien\'s many years of experience as director of technical marketing intelligence and strategy for Corning glass.
Bob started working at Corning in 2005.
2016, leading the company\'s market intelligence activities through the exciting growth day in the medium term
Recession in 2008 and 2000
2009, and the level of maturity that followed the business during the decade.
DSCC analysts in Japan, South Korea and China have added insights into glass production and supply chain dynamics to form rigorous and comprehensive pictures that demonstrate the glass supply chain.
Some of the highlights of the first issue of the report in April 2019: The report covers display glass capacity and shipments in all major areas of production and consumption in the industry, ranging from Gen 1 to Gen 10. 5.
The report includes a more detailed analysis of the three major display glass manufacturers (AGC, Corning and NEG), as well as more limited information on other glass manufacturers, it covers the supply matrix of 26 panel manufacturers of LCD and OLED.
Report delivery includes: Display Glass Market by quarter: subscribers will receive a Powerpoint presentation with a history of 2018 for the first quarter and a forecast for this year.
Subscribers will also receive an Excel file with pivot tables showing the supply chain of the glass market, allowing for additional detailed analysis.
Subscription quarterly display glass report will include quarterly display glass report for limited time only
A few hours of phone call with Bob O\'Brien allows users to gain a deeper understanding of the theme of the display glass industry. Optional additional features
The glass report will cover the capacity and utilization database for DSCC.
Passed in an Excel worksheet with pivot table, the capacity and utilization module will cover all of the above segments, dividing TFT input capacity and utilization by quarter, with history starting at 1Q 2018, this year\'s forecast is included.
Display glass manufacturers will highlight at SID/DSCC commercial track Conference during 2019th exhibition.
Chris Hudson, international vice president and commercial director of Corning Display Technology, will deliver a keynote speech at the SID/DSCC business conference on Monday, May 13.
At the SID/DSCC foldable display market focus meeting on Wednesday, May 15, Dr.
Mathias Mydlak, global business development manager at Schott, will discuss the lid glass for foldable displays.
Both meetings are part of the 2019 show week at San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California.
For more information on the DSCC quarterly presentation glass report, visit: about the presentation supply chain consultant (DSCC)
Supply chain consultant (DSCC)
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