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by:LCD Mall     2020-07-14
In these twenty years
The old history of personal computing, real radical changes, and real smart improvements are rare.
Most of us don\'t care how many millions of times digital bits are compressed per second on the chip, and how much Gigabit hard disk space is compressed under the hood.
However, many ibm pc users can clearly recall the first time they used the mouse instead of the keyboard to navigate the display screen.
For the first time, they can select, open and close files by clicking on the friendly icon of the Windows operating system, instead of entering long strings in the old DOS way.
The disc is another life saver, especially when new software is installed.
The tablet is made by Microsoft and is now made by more than a dozen leading PC manufacturers in the world
Width may be the next smart thing that happens in personal computing: an idea that has come, because ironically, it is based on an idea that is almost as old as human beings, it dates back to Sumer\'s tablet computer in 3500.
Let\'s face it, we hit the keys, we twist our wrists and operate the mouse, because that\'s the only way we can get the computer to work.
But most of us prefer to scribble on paper if there is a choice.
By allowing users to type or write in any way they like, tablets can become an inspiring idea.
Thanks to Acer India for giving me the opportunity to \"play\" with their tablet \"--
TravelMate C100-
For a few days, I was able to share the feeling and working style of the tablet with Hindu readers.
When Bill Gates first lifted the prototype of the tablet, it was nothing more than an \"electronic Batten\":-
4 Size tempered LCD, you can write on it with a digital pen, it can translate your graffiti into machinereadable code.
A year later, in November 7, when Gates made his debut in New York again, he released versions of tablets produced by Acer, Fujitsu, HP/Compaq, Toshiba and a number of other companies.
Although they all share the basic features of Microsoft\'s design --
Special tablet version of Windows XP;
Ability to recognize handwriting and speech
Different manufacturers have been creative in achieving the final product and have come up with their own tablet \"subject change \".
Can a person give up the keyboard completely?
A combination of mouse at a time to embrace a machine that only uses handwriting or voice?
At least for now, Acer doesn\'t seem to think so.
That\'s why their first tablet, \"Avatar,\" is a \"convertible tablet,\" which cleverly \"morphs\" today\'s laptop with tomorrow\'s tablet technology
After using the C100 for a long weekend, I can see the logic.
I can also appreciate the mechanical ingenuity that makes this possible.
When you turn on the C100, it looks like any other ultra light laptop with 10. 4-inch (diagonal)
Tft LCD screen (
Although tempered and scratch-proof)
And a fairly standard keyboard, replacing the mouse with a touchpad.
Now, it\'s a slate, though it weighs 1 pound. 4 kg.
The software converts electronic pencils into pencils, felt or marker pens of any color you like.
The screen has a standard Windows XP look and there are several differences: you can orient your tablet to work in landscape portrait mode and adjust the screen icon for use with your left or right hand.
To open the writing mode for your tablet, click the new icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.
This opens up a tool called \"windows journey\" that opens like MSWord, but the default page looks like a rule sheet.
You write it in your usual style.
You can also open a small box in which your handwriting is converted into printed text at the same time and it will scroll when you write.
You can use highlighter to select the parts of your writing, or you can cut and paste them elsewhere, or insert them into another text document as comments;
You can draw rough shapes, boxes, circles and lick them into the right shape.
I have tried most versions of the handwriting recognition software, from the \"Apple Newton\" handheld software of the first disaster to the software provided free of charge by WinXP
I have never seen a smart recognition engine like this.
In India, we write English in different ways, from running hands at \"monastery school\", to blocking printing, to our own creative mix, and even the pharmacist can\'t decipher it.
The tablet software is surprisingly accurate and second
Most of what I wrote was guessed right.
Like most of these products, the voice recognizer requires each user to train with his or her voice, and I have not found this tool to be significantly better than \"via voice, \"Speak naturally\" or any third party tool available in India.
I am unable to view a feature of Acer tablet: it is used as an electronic productbook reader.
I also see that this is a big blow for users with vision problems as software can also be used to convert emails
Turn the book into a talking book.
A good feature is the ability to generate \"sticky notes \"--
A combination of handwriting and voice, you can \"paste\" in the document before sending an email \".
This is a natural way to add comments to existing documents without tampering with the text created by another author, and may be welcomed by executives.
They will also appreciate programmable smart cards that can be used to restrict access to unauthorized personnel.
What\'s new?
C100 with 10/100 MBPS Ethernet, Fast Infrared (FIR)
56 KBPS phone connection and new WiFi standard (802. 11b)
Wireless LAN.
Flag to change the time: there is no floppy drive, but you can attach an optional CD drive or mouse.
Who will buy a convertible tablet?
Like most other tablet makers, Acer seems to be guided by the current selling pricearound Rs 1. 5 lakhs —
Its market perception.
Microsoft now offers a forum where Indian software developers showcase apps like police operations, investment management, aviation maintenance, patient management, and more on tablets.
These are all legitimate uses.
But from the \"feel\" of Acer tablets, I think all of these tablet vendors in Microsoft and India are wrong.
They were wrong because they were blinded by the temporary price points that addressed the biggest market in front of them: the education of millions of young Indians, for them, the tablet is a great new learning tool that suddenly makes the PC less scary, more intuitive, and more fun.
I believe Microsoft made a tactical mistake when it released its tablet in India.
5 star hotel track.
They should eat hundreds of pieces for young people to play with, not just in big cities.
Let the company\'s Spice Girls and the \"Cream shop\" of Indian enterprises buy their laptops --cum-tablets.
If enough people come up with their lakhs, maybe the makers make money to lower the price so that the rest of us can get the first huge tech bonus in the new century.
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