despite recent stumble, universal display is still a strong buy

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-15
The undeniable fact is that the past week has been terrible for general purpose displays (OLED -Get Report).
Its inventory has dropped by more than 13% below other display panel manufacturers, including LG display and AU optrooper, Coherent and lighting-
Leading LED manufacturer Cree.
GM monitor suffered a sell-off after reporting a price dropthan-expected top-and bottom-
The second number. quarter report.
The management of the company also predicted that,
Income pressure.
But global is still a stock to buy.
Basic growth fundamentals of the company for a long time
Long-term prospects remain strong.
In fact, in a short period of one year, the stock may increase by more than 17%.
This means there is a lot of potential for profit.
Global shares fell 3.
Friday trading 34%
General purpose displays should benefit from the fact that the display industry is rapidly shifting to organic light --LEDs (OLED)technology.
Oled thin, light weight, high powerSolid with high efficiencystate devices.
This makes them perfect for full use
Color display, as well as lighting products.
Over the past few years, OLED displays have gained a growing share of tablets.
Panel display market
In the future, OLED lighting products may also replace many existing light sources.
It is expected that the OLED display will exceed the LCD display by 2020 (LCD)
Thanks to Apple\'s iPhone 8, the screen is the leading smartphone display technology.
Samsung has adopted an OLED display in its flagship smartphone, which is expected to cost $6.
8 billion, the OLED panel capacity of mobile phones more than 50%.
Demand for OLED displays from Chinese companies Huawei and OPPO Electronics is also strong.
Apple\'s MacBook Pro 2016 is rumored to have Touch ID and OLED sticks.
In fact, Display, the iPhone screen supplier, is looking for loans to help it transform into OLED.
Application materials has reported a significant increase in orders for mobile devices
Related OLED equipment requirements.
As you may have discovered, the technology leadership and intellectual property status of the Universal Display in the OLED space puts it in the game --
Change location.
This is critical to our argument of bullish GM monitor stock, which has risen more than 60% over the last 52 weeks.
Still, investors may have reason to be a little disappointed with OLED stocks.
The second quarter earnings of 46 cents per share were lower than Wall Street\'s expected 4 cents.
Income is $64. 4 million (up 10.
Up 8% year on year)
Also a miss.
Most importantly, the company revised its revenue Guide for the whole year to $190200 million.
However, short-
The long term reaction to the stock masks its long termterm benefits.
If you read management\'s comments on the current situation, you will notice suggestions from OLED executives
The long-term challenge delayed revenue growth by about six months.
The key word here is \"delay \".
\"That\'s exactly why we are confident that stocks will rise once economic growth reaches expectations.
If you look at the basics behind the company, general purpose displays have made all the right moves.
This is an ambitious, aggressive business entity, ready for growth.
The company is acquiring the OLED intellectual property assets of BASF.
These assets include more than 500 patents issued and under application worldwide, aiming to accelerate the development of commercial blue light emitting materials (
Holy Grail of OLED materials).
As Needham Research points out, these initiatives are a reasonable use of cash, and even if OLED displays become mainstream, they may cause additional obstacles to competitors. With a five-
Earnings per share (EPS)
Growth prospects for 22% (
The industry average is 11. 02%)
The general display is go-
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