dell\'s 5130cdn laser printer: fast and furious

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-07
Dell color laser printer
It has succeeded in almost all aspects.
Its speed and features a high
Volume office is needed, and it is also targeted for almost perfect print quality.
High price (
$1549 as at February 16, 2010)
But in the long run it\'s very low cost per page, which will save you money.
5130cdn is the fastest printer we have tested so far.
On plain paper, it prints the text with a quick clip of 25.
2 pages per minute (ppm).
Graphics speed from 8.
For simpler graphics, 3 is 3 ppm. 2 ppm for high-
Quality of photo printing.
On the Mac, with its PostScript driver, the speed of the 79cdn is a little slower: print plain text, average 22.
5 ppm, while the average figure is 3. 1 ppm.
Print quality is the same on both platforms.
The quality of the text is black and crisp.
The overall color quality is very good, there is a natural color, there is also a slight sense of particles, which is more obvious in the gray scale graphics.
The heavy, dull-
The black look looks scary but it has a well
Fully equipped-
Designed machine.
256 MB of DDR
Standard memory that can be upgraded to 1. 2GB.
Standard paper processing includes 550
Cardboard box and 150-
Multi-function tray.
550 if you need more capacity-sheet ($249)and 1100-sheet ($599)
Additional pallets are provided, as well as binding parts for $999 (
Up to 50 at a time)
And stack up to 1000 sheets.
You can fold the front panel to access the toner cartridge and separate drums, as well as the entire right side
The side panel also folds down to clear the blocked paper path (
We don\'t).
The cursor and navigation buttons on the front panel, as well as the monochrome LCD, are intuitive, and the printer\'s internal HTML configuration site is intuitive, allowing you to change the settings through a Web browser.
All that adds up is that this printer is for work, not for play. Its 110,000-
The monthly work cycle seems to confirm this.
Size supply: 9000-
Black Ink Cartridge page ($107 replacement)and 6000-
Cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges (
$195 per replacement). That’s about 1.
2 cents per black page, 3.
3 cents per coloror 10.
Four cents and nine cents. color page—out of the box. High-
Greater savings from revenue supply: $137, 18,000-
Less than 1 cent per page, $245, 12,000-
Page color cartridges are about 2 cents per color, adding up to an ultra-low 6 cents.
Four cents and nine cents. color page.
The Dell 110cdn is a beautifully designed color laser printer with speeds comparable to those of pure stallion.
However, if it\'s a little too rich for your blood, then look at the HP color laser enterprise CP4025dn, which costs a few hundred less, which is almost as fast and smootherBut also dark)print quality.
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