dell methodically improves xps, alienware, precision and inspiron lineup at computex 2019

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-08
At the Computex 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan this year, Dell announced a new 2019 consumer laptop and workstation product range.
Moore insight and strategy analyst Anshel Kumar was on site in Taipei and I attended the show from the Austin office.
These announcements from Dell are the next big thing.
I have introduced Dell\'s CES announcement here.
Although most of these announcements are upgrades and improvements, it is still important for the enhanced relevance of the PC platform and Dell\'s continued share.
Dell announced in its earnings report last week that its PC market share rose for 25 consecutive quarters.
Revenue from commercial laptops, desktops and workstations has grown rapidly.
Let\'s take a look at what Dell announced at the show.
Dell is the first company to show \"eye safety\" frequently.
The neglected quality of the laptop is the security of the user\'s device.
Dell is the first company to introduce so-called \"Visual Security\" technology into laptops.
Eyeshadow reduces harmful blue light emission from the screen by managing the RGB of the display, while maintaining color accuracy.
Most screens that handle blue light, such as night light settings on Windows 10, distort the color to make the color yellow and sometimes not even target the most harmful light emissions.
I think some consumers will buy one of the Dell laptops just for this feature and soon it will be the standard for all laptops.
Eye shadow meets the health and TUV standards for color balance and blue light reduction, as well as the new XPS ware m17, the new XPS 132-2-in-
1 and Dell G7 17-inch laptops.
The Dell XPS series continues to improve in some ways, setting standards for consumer ultrabook.
This year\'s XPS 13 is no exception-in-
1 and XPS 15 are shown on Computex 2019.
Both laptops have made significant improvements while retaining a lot of things that don\'t need to be changed.
The XPS series is known for its quality materials --
Corning Gorilla Glass 4-machined aluminum, carbon fiber, woven fiberglass
XPS 15 and XPS 13 2-are still available-in-
Excellent construction quality.
Both laptops are integrated with Dell\'s micro-webcam and we saw it installed on the XPS 13 2019 earlier this year, eliminating a lothated nosecam.
The XPS series continues to become more fashionable without affecting the quality of the build.
Dell movies is also in both devices offering enhanced entertainment experiences in a combination of hardware and software innovation.
The XPS 15 is equipped with the latest 9-generation Intel processors and powerful interiors up to nvidia gtx GeForce 1650 GPUs and 64gb RAM.
Intel released the details of the latest 10-generation ice lake chipset in the keynote speech of Computex and some small laptops, including XPS 132-in-
1. Ship inside the lake with ice.
It would be nice to see that the XPS 15 is equipped with 10 generation processors like the XPS 132in-
However, H-
The series chips are not available, but when Intel expands its product line, we can expect the XPS 15 to come with a 10-generation processor.
Either way, both processors support WIFI 6 in the Killer AX1650 chipset.
Dell says the killer AX1650 is three times faster than the last generation of 80mhz 2x 2ac products.
Dell claims that the battery life of the XPS 15 can reach 20 hours with the 96 WHR battery option and the start-up FHD display.
I don\'t like today\'s battery life benchmarks and tests, so we have to look at how things are going.
The XPS 15 now has the option of a Samsung OLED display that offers a more realistic black, 100% DCI-
P3, compared with 100,000: 1.
The OLED display starts at $1,899 with no touch option and is said to have reduced battery life to 7 hours.
This is a big price for OLED screens, however, if you see these in person, you may consider making a trade-off.
New XPS 13 2-in-
1 has a lighter design in its 3rd generation.
The screen is now a higher 16: 10 aspect ratio, allowing the screen to be 7% larger than before, which in my opinion is more conducive to getting the job done.
With the improvement of aspect ratio and the innovation of webcam technology, XPS 13 2-in-
There\'s an amazing 84 right now.
The ratio of the screen to the body is 9%.
Although the OLED panel is not configured, the XPS 13 2-in-
1 is one of the first laptops to support eye shadow technology, and the personal feeling is still great, according to analyst Anshel Kumar.
It also has the second generation magnetic levitation keyboard that makes the keys bigger and quieter and makes room for the 19% larger trackpad, all of which are obvious.
More prominent display, next generation Edgeto-
The edge keyboard works with the smaller webcam to make the XPS 13 2-in-
The laptop is 8% smaller and beautifully designed. The XPS 13 2-in-
1 is the future of the XPS lineup.
Inside of XPS 13 2-in-
2 as impressive as outside.
It is now equipped with Intel\'s latest 10-generation 10-Nano processor.
According to Dell, Intel\'s 10-generation chipset is 2.
In last year\'s XPS 13 2, 5 times more powerful than the previous 8 generation chipsetin-1’s.
Part of the reason for the performance boost is Dell from Y-
U series chipset
The series chipset allows for improved performance, but uses a dual fan in the process.
Even with fans, the laptop is still thinner than the previous generation.
Dell\'s insulation technology can disperse and dissipate heat, helping to keep the cooler of your laptop. The XPS 13 2-in-
This reminds me of what one of my summer interns, Jacob Freyman, called the \"noisy cricket game \".
\"The weapon used by Agent J on someone wearing black.
It may seem small, but its power is hidden in its smooth and small design before you see its effect.
Dell also announced the launch of the next generation of Inspiron laptops.
Compared to XPS, the Inspiron series is available to consumers at lower prices, features, and design points.
The Inspiron 15 7000 supports the ninth generation Intel processor with nvidia gtx 1650 and 16gb of DDR4 memory.
Dell has made the Inspiron 15 7000 with magnesium instead of aluminum, a huge step forward and a showcase of Dell\'s methodical improvement.
It also has a new keyboard with a power button on the keyboard and a fingerprint scanner on the power button.
The keyboard changes make room for the full keyboard.
The Inspiron 15 7000 now has Dell\'s new adaptive heat dissipation technology that detects where a laptop is, on a desk, or in a mobile environment, enabling the laptop to optimize its performance.
Small and convenient features like adaptive thermal technology are cool features that can be seen in the medium termrange laptop.
I\'m looking forward to the third one.
Test the party and see how it works.
Dell is testing some of these features in mid
Series devices to see if they should take them to their flagship devices.
We saw this on Samsung\'s range of phones and it was exciting to see Dell do the same.
If you keep enough distance between the advanced lineup and the mainstream lineup, it\'s a good idea.
The Inspiron 13 5000 also features a new small adaptive heat dissipation technology, as well as smaller webcams in XPS series laptops.
The gap between flagship and mid-range laptops
The range of laptops seems to be getting smaller and smaller.
It also has the option to plug in the SIM card and work with mobile broadband on the go.
I\'m happy to see WWAN feature at the heart of Dell\'s consumer lineup.
The Inspiron 13 500 features an 8-generation Intel processor with up to 8gb of memory, all of which are the best for budget-level laptops.
New Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-
1 rocks has AMD A9 processors with up to 8gb of memory and 128GB of storage. This budget-
There are 11 friendly laptops-
Compact and ultra-small inch screen
Mobile experience.
The last of the Inspiron series, Inspiron 7000 2-in-
1. Announced at CES 2019 earlier this year, but it is now available worldwide.
The most prominent feature of 7000 2-in-
1 is the pen that is cleverly placed-
A garage in a hinge that can be used in all laptop modes.
There are 13 laptops-inch and 15-inch flavors.
The new Dell Precision workstation Dell has positioned its precision 7540 and 7740 workstations to focus on VR and complex AI workloads, equipped with up to Intel Xeon E or 9 generation Intel Core processors as well as AMD and.
Dell says 7540 is \"the smallest virtual reality and AI mobile workstation in the world\" and I have to believe what they say given the narrow borders and large GPUs.
Up to 7540 GB of memory for both 7740 and 128
2286M Xeon and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000.
The 7740 can be configured with a uhd hdr 400 display.
This is Dell\'s most powerful 15-K display.
Inch Mobile Workstation.
Dell also announced an update to its Precision 3000 series and Precision 1U rack workstations for those who want all computing and storage in the data center.
Companies do so for security and TCO purposes, because as long as it has a strong network, global companies can share resources around the world.
The Precision 3000 series now has the latest 9-generation Intel processors and up to 128GB or 64GB 2666MHz ECC or non-ECC memory.
All Dell workstations are ISV certified and equipped with Dell Precision Optimizer.
The DPO uses machine learning to improve the performance of the application.
The software controls system resources to suit specific applications, and Dell says performance gains can be as high as 578% compared to factory settings.
I am happy to use this feature to see if it meets billing standards.
The precision 1U rack emphasizes the scalability of the small form factor at an affordable price.
Dell Precision 3630 and 3431 offer a wide range of storage options, including SATA and PCIe NVMe SSDs that can be configured up to 14 TB with RAID support.
Dell\'s got gameDell announced the new Alienware m15 and Alienware m17 laptops, and redesigned according to the new legendary design language introduced in the new region --51m.
Both the M15 and the m17 have a new keyboard and the key stroke is increased from 1. 4mm to 1.
7mm, I know the player will love it, new precision-
The point glass trackpad brings a new look and feel to the m15 and m17.
Both laptops look closer to their new big brother. 51m.
Internally, both laptops are powered by Intel\'s ninth-generation Core processor and can be equipped with GeForce RTX 2080 and Max-
Q design graphics and starting models with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.
Now both notebooks have Alienware\'s Cry-tech 3.
Dell said that the flow of the m15 increased by 20%, adopting a new heat dissipation design, increasing the fan size and the number of blades, and the flow of the m17 increased by 25% due to this new freezing technologytech 3. 0 technology.
The Dell and Alienware teams have to make sacrifices so that laptops can be so thin and so can the ability to upgrade memory.
The memory on both the M15 and m17 laptops is welded to the motherboard.
This sacrifice is unfortunate, but you might as well build or buy a gaming desktop if it\'s too much trouble.
Like most of the laptop range, Dell has added eye shadow technology to the Alienware m17 display to help protect the player\'s eyes, and the m17 also supports the Tobii eye-
Tracking technology for 144Hz display.
My teenage gamer son, while playing and streaming \"Watch pioneer\" and \"Fortnite\", really enjoyed his experience with the Tobii eye tracking.
His audience can track exactly where his eyes are --
Hope to get some inspiration from how he won the game.
Although the m15 does not have eye shadow technology, the OLED option for 60Hz is available.
Dell plans to launch eye-proof technology in this area --
51m in June and the game lineup for the next few months.
The M15 also features a 240 Hz display model and a Tobii eye tracking technology for OLED display models, the laptop with the smallest eye tracking for Tobii so far.
I think Dell did a great job of redesigning the m15 and m17 laptops and provided exciting features for players to customize according to their preferences.
Dell\'s G-series gaming laptops feature many of the same chip specs for Alienware laptops, but are on a higher budget.
G3 and G7 laptops use 9-generation Intel Core processors, G3 with i7-9750HQ.
The G7 model reaches i9-
Up to 8950HK graphics card with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 support-Q. The G7 15-
The inch model also features an OLED display of 60 hz, while the G7 17-
Inch uses a new eye shadow technology.
Dell\'s G series looks a lot like the Alienware series.
It would be wise to say this is a good thing for a budget level gaming laptop.
When the XPS series started a new design in 2015, four years later, I don\'t think they will get smoother and more refined.
Dell\'s budget lineup is beginning to close the gap between flagship devices, but it has been impressive.
We saw this not only through the XPS series and the Inspiron series, but also through the Alienware laptop and the G series laptop.
Of course, it\'s a great thing as long as the XPS and Alienware brands keep breaking the limits, otherwise the premium brands will be negatively affected.
Dell is the first XPS 13 2-for its new design-in-
1 and some of its gaming laptops show first in a long row.
Alienware m15 and m17 also have a new design that looks more like its bigger siblings, this area51m.
Dell will continue to bring higher quality devices to consumers and businesses that look good on the outside and will continue to be impressed internally.
These are some of the reasons why Dell has gained PC market share for 25 consecutive quarters. Last quarter, the company released \"double\"
Revenue from commercial laptops, desktops and workstations has grown rapidly.
\"Computex 2019 is an exciting place if you are Dell.
Note: Jacob Freyman, a wilderness awareness and strategic intern, contributed to this.
Disclosure: like all research and analyst companies, Moore Insights and Strategy offers or has provided paid research, analysis, advice, or advice to many high-level people
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