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by:LCD Mall     2020-08-19
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
What do you get when you combine the \"Get Smart\" elements of the Super Bowl, Carnival and TV?
Of course, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2008) has been around for 41 years.
Sixth place for me.
Yes, there will be a huge crowd of people fighting for the first device to see the most coveted one with microchips. (
By the way, would it be more popular if a gadget was \"cool\" or \"hot? Discuss. )
Once the show starts on Monday morning, there is no room for maneuver anywhere;
Get ready to line up, from food to taxis to bottled water to the most gorgeous graffiti.
Up to 140,000 executives, engineers, programmers, PR people, journalists and general
The tech industry is expected to pass the Las Vegas Convention Center on Thursday. (
Closed to the public. )
According to organizers, this is the most spacious space they have ever had ---about 1.
85 million square feet-
But I heard some rumors about moving CES out of Vegas next year?
Please note that completely unconfirmed rumors and officials of the Consumer Electronics Association are shy and dismissive.
But you never know.
It\'s hard to imagine which city in addition to Atlanta, San Francisco or Los Angeles can sustain this huge event. A.
Hosting in New York seems logically impossible. Hmmmmm.
In any case, the trend is similar to last year: smarter, wireless, and more efficient gadgets.
TV, including flat screen TV, is really thin
Sony\'s panel, measuring only a few millimeters thick with eyes
OLED display.
Big also came back as the maximum plasma weight from Panasonic was 150.
There are a lot of touch screens like LG Voyager (
Probably because of the success of the iPhone. -
After the launch of MacWorld, there is no sign of Apple here. CES).
Most analysts here have seen a slow shift in high positions.
Blu-ray format DVD
Big companies like Ray surges and Warner Bros. pull out of HD-DVD.
What\'s the difference in a year.
From Garmin to almost all phones, GPS is absolutely everywhere in the watch.
In addition, a large number of production from the company-
Dash technology for the fast-growing auto market.
There is also an SUV from GM. . .
But I will have more information later.
Check out regular reports and video clips behind CES on CBSNews. com.
This is something you can\'t see anywhere else!
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