chips push up electronic firm\'s profits

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-13
Samsung, the electronics group, said today that sales of storage chips for mobile phones and digital cameras have \"exploded\", helping it to unveil a higher level --than-
Quarterly profits are expected to rise.
The company\'s UK electronics division is based in a commercial telecom division in Chelsea and Manchester, and the company says revenue from its flash chip division has grown 40% to £ 1. 3 billion.
This helped the South Korean group\'s net income in the third quarter rise to about 0. 955 billion, and operating income rose 77% to 1.
Sales rose 6 billion to 15%. 7 billion. googletag. {});
Samsung said the strong performance was noteworthy because it achieved this despite the falling dollar, soaring oil prices and weak domestic consumption.
Products produced by Samsung include computer monitors, fax machines, digital cordless phones, microwave ovens, mobile phones and MP3 Internet music players.
Samsung Electronics entered the UK market in 1984, with a turnover of more than 0. 3 billion and 120 employees.
Since the opening of the UK headquarters, more websites have been added, including Telford\'s European customer service and distribution center, the research center in Middlesex and the manufacturing plant in winyad.
The UK business includes five product sectors, including consumer electronics, telecom, fax machines and printers, computer peripherals and laptops. googletag. {});
The group\'s three pillars-memory chips, mobile phones and tft LCD monitors-have all created new quarterly revenue records.
Samsung says revenue growth in its flash-chip sector is unprecedented.
\"Samsung is achieving its latest goal --
\"It announced its goal to become the number one flash memory manufacturer by 2004,\" the group said . \".
The group\'s telecom network business, including the mobile phone Department, also performed well in 17 quarters.
Revenue rose 7% to 1. 9 billion.
Strong demand for high-end phones with color screens, cameras and camcorder features drove sales to grow 25% in the second quarter.
Earlier, Nokia, the world\'s largest handset maker, hinted yesterday that the market would grow further.
Sales in Samsung\'s tft LCD division grew 26% to 0. 727 billion pounds, which some see as the next generation driving force in the IT industry. googletag. {}); try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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