apple watch 2 coming this year, report says

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-11
If it is in good condition, there may be new Apple Watch hardware
Internet industry analysts have proved right.
KGI Securities analyst
According to MacRumours, Guo correctly predicted last year that Apple would launch the iPhone SE, saying that two new Apple watches would be launched in the second half of 2016.
A model is clearly an incremental upgrade to the current watch with a better processor and improved waterproof performance.
The second model, known as the Apple Watch 2, has these improvements thanks to the GPS and barometer, as well as the larger battery, plus more precise location tracking.
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Chi also suspects Apple will launch LTE connectivity in 2017.
This means you can use the watch without the need to connect to the phone or Wi-Fi.
Apple launched a new operating system for the watch in June.
The company was contacted for comments but did not respond immediately.
Despite the continued decline in Apple Watch shipments, it is still ahead of the smartwatch. 1.
In the second quarter of this year, 6 million of the equipment has been shipped ---
A sharp decrease from 3.
Shipped 6 million vehicles in the same period last year, but still far more than 600,000 of the Samsung Galaxy Gear series.
Apple Watch 2 is not Ming-
This is Chi\'s only Apple forecast this year.
The analyst previously said the company would release a refurbished MacBook Pro by the end of 2016.
It will include an OLED touch screen instead of function keys, Touch ID and USB-
C supports, he said.
The article was originally on CNET. com.
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