apple might launch four iphones this year, including one with a large oled display

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-29
Although we are a few months away from the launch of the new iphone, details about the upcoming iphone are still popping up.
Unconfirmed reports say Apple plans to launch up to four iPhones this year.
According to a report from Digitimes, Apple will launch two iPhones with LCD panels and two iPhones with OLED panels.
According to the report, the iphone with LCD panel will be equipped with 5 units. 7in or 5.
The screen size is 8 in, and the larger one is 6in or 6. 1in display.
In terms of OLED models, they may range between 6in and 6. The screen size is 5.
However, the report added that Apple may insist on using two LCD iPhones and one OLED iPhone, just like the 2017 series.
The report also said the four models will be equipped with wireless charging and 3D sensing capabilities.
OLED panel ProsApple currently uses OLED panels on iPhone X, the 10 th anniversary smartphone for iPhone X.
OLED panels are a new display technology that is considered to provide better color output and better contrast.
In short, the OLED panel should provide vivid photos closer to reality.
OLED panels are also energy efficient.
Rival Samsung has been using the technology on its flagship phone for several years.
But they are not without shortcomings.
One problem with OLED panels is burnin.
What happens is that if an image with this color scheme remains open for a longer period of time, a certain color hovers over the screen.
In fact, Apple acknowledged the problem.
\"And extended length-
The OLED display can also display slight visual changes.
This is also expected behavior that can include \"image persistence\" or \"burn-
\"After a new image appears on the screen, the display shows a faint residue of the image,\" Apple wrote earlier this week . \".
\"This can happen in more extreme situations, such as when the same high-contrast images are continuously displayed for a long time.
We have designed Super Retina displays that are the best in the industry in terms of reducing OLED \"burn\" effectsin\',\" it added.
\"If you look at the OLED display --
Angle, you may notice a slight change in color and tone.
This is a characteristic of OLED, but also normal behavior.
\"There are also rumors that the iPhone SE 2 Apple is developing the second paragraph --
IPhone SE generation.
The smartphone, called the iPhone SE 2, will reportedly be equipped with wireless charging, but will skip 3D sensing.
The phone is expected to be mass-produced in the second quarter, and the official release is expected to be between June and 5. —
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