apple looking to get in lg display as second supplier for iphone 2018 oled panels: report

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-31
There have been rumors in the past that Apple plans to launch three new iPhones as part of the annual update in September 2018.
Two of these models are expected to feature OLED panels, while the cheapest will likely feature an LCD display.
According to a new report, Apple may soon introduce LG Display, a South Korean manufacturer, to join Samsung as the second supplier of OLED panels for iPhone models in 2018.
The move suggests an attempt to reduce the panel\'s reliance on Samsung. The $1,000 (roughly Rs. 68,500)
The basic price tag for the iPhone X last year was largely determined by the increase in the price of OLED displays purchased from Samsung.
Cupertino giants will seek to change this by working with new supplier LG Display.
According to a Bloomberg report, LG Display will initially ship between 2 million and 4 million OLED devices, but will continue to increase production and become the largest supplier.
Both Apple and LG are expected to benefit a lot from the deal.
Apple will be able to set a lower price for its iPhone 2018 model, as it has been hit by the overall sales of the iPhone X, mainly because of its high price.
LG will be able to get a pie after the iPhone 2018 variant is expected to ship millions of units.
According to Bloomberg, LG Display will provide panels for one of the three iPhone variants released in 2018.
Cooperation requires two levels of approval and the first will take place around July.
As early as February, Apple held talks with Beijing Oriental Technology Group on the potential cooperation of the iPhone OLED screen.
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