2020 iphone models with 5.4-inch, 6.7-inch oled displays ...

by:LCD Mall     2020-09-01
Apple\'s efforts to 5g may be a little later than expected, but there are some big changes in the Channel.
Apple analyst Ming
Chi Kuo released a new report saying that Apple will launch three iPhone models of different screen sizes next year, but only two of them support 5g.
All three iPhones will have an OLED display, marking an overall shift from an LCD panel to an OLED screen technology.
Apple 2020 iPhone series-
The rise will reportedly include two highs
End model with 5. 4-inch and 6. 7-
OLED display with a low
Final model of package a 6. 1-
Inch OLED display.
According to Kuo\'s 9to5Mac report, Apple will completely switch to the OLED panel of the 2020 iPhone.
Next year will also mark the arrival of 5g support in the iPhone lineup, 5. 4-inch and 6-7-
Pack the inch model of the 5g modem and part of the iPhone XS Series. The lower-
End model with 6. 1-
The inch OLED display, touted as a relatively affordable future member of the iPhone XR series, will still rely on 4g LTE.
Guo mentioned that the display size of the 2020 iPhones is close to a report in April, adding that all 2020 iPhones will use OLED panels.
Both reports claim that Apple will change the screen size of the vanilla iphone by 5. 8-
The inch panel on the IPhone XS is 5. 4-
Inch OLED panel on 2020 successor while making the panel on iPhone XS Max 2020 successor larger (from 6. 5-inch to 6. 7-inch).
In terms of 5g support, 5g-
It is reported that 2020 iPhones will support both models at the same time
6ghz and mmWave technology.
Guo further mentioned that from 2021, Apple may bring 5g to all iPhone models and will not prepare its own 5g modem until after 2022.
Prior to this, Apple will rely on the components provided by Qualcomm to add 5g support to the iPhone series, and Broadcom will provide RF power amplifiers.
Apple will eventually develop its own power amplifier, the report added.
According to a previous report from Guo, Apple\'s 2020 iPhones will be equipped with 5g modems from Qualcomm and Samsung.
No further details were given regarding the specifications or other internal hardware of the 2020 iPhone.
Last month, a report said the iPhone model, which is scheduled to go public in 2020, may be fully available.
Screen Touch ID and 3D sensing through the rear camera, while equipped with the OLED panel provided by LG.
Guo added in the latest report that Apple will continue to equip 2019 iPhone models with Intel modems.
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