2019 iphone variant to sport new samsung touch-integrated flexible oled display: report

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-20
Apple has reportedly reached a touch deal with Samsung
Integrated flexible OLED panel supply for iphone next year.
These new OLED display panels will be integrated into at least one of the 2019 iPhones allegedly known as the iPhone 11.
These new panels will help Apple make the new model thinner and lighter than the current generation of iPhones.
Samsung will initially be able to produce these new touches-
The number of integrated flexible OLED panels is limited, which is why there is only one variant to see the new display.
ETNews reported that a Samsung executive met with Apple this year to propose the supply of these new panels.
According to the report, the two companies have now agreed on an agreement to provide a new touch.
Integrated flexible OLED panels for one of the iPhone models launched next year.
Samsung Display is the first to make these touch
Integrated flexible OLED panels, which are said to be the next
The IPhone generation is thinner and lighter.
This will be possible as Samsung has managed to integrate the touch screen functionality into the display itself, without the need to integrate a separate touch screen panel (TSP).
At the same time, removing the hanging card will also reduce the cost of components and provide more space for Apple to upgrade in other departments.
Samsung calls it touch
Integrated flexible OLED panelOcta (Youm On-Cell Touch).
Since last year, Apple has been working to reduce Samsung\'s reliance on Display supplies.
While Samsung has been an exclusive supplier of iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max OLED panels, LG is said to be producing OLED panels for iPhone XS Max starting this month.
In any case, Samsung now has these exclusive touch features
It will provide integrated panels for at least one iPhone next year.
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