0.96 oled display with arduino & getting text from serial monitor...

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-08
Now let\'s start with 0.
96 \'oled display with arduino, we will try to display the text input from the serial display. . .
In this tutorial I will show you how to connect to 0 from a serial monitor and test and write some data.
96 \"i2c OLED display module is provided to arduino.
Parts: breadboard and connecting wire Arduino OLED i2c display connection from Display: both libraries from arduino 5v GND to arduino GND and then to arduino pin A5 SDA to arduino pin a4 need to be installed, this manual can then be continued. (Library)(GFX library)
For the adafruit_ssd1306 Library: go to: C: \\ Program file (x86)
\\ Arduino \\ libraries \\ adafruit _ ssd136 open adafruit _ ssd136. h (
For example in a text editor like Notepad)
Find and comment out one line: define ssd136_28_32 to cancel the comment one line: define ssd136_28_64 open ssd136_28_2c define numflkes 10 define XPOS 0 define YPOS 1 define DELTAY 2 define logo16_glcd _ height 16 define logo16_glcd _ width 16 static constant no]= {
B1110000, b1110001, b1110000, b1110001, b1110000, b1110011, B11100000, B11100000, b1110000, b111000, b1110000, b111101, b111101, b00011011, B10100000, b001111, B11100000, b001111, B11110000, b1111100, b111100b0000, B00110000}; if (
Ssd136_ LCD height! = 64)
Endifvoid display.
Display settings.
SetTextC display. setC display.
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