why is sharp the lcd technology leader for large tvs and information displays?

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-31
It starts with state-of-the-art LCD manufacturing plant: Since the development of the world\'s first 14-
Sharp led the industry\'s leading LCD TV Technology in 1988.
Today, Sharp\'s Japanese Kameyama manufacturing plant is the most advanced LCD panel manufacturing plant in the world.
No. 8 for plants-
A generation of technology for producing LCD panel glass substrates.
The new Osaka factory, which will be put into operation by 2010, will use 10-
A generation of technology that produces the world\'s largest LCD panel, measuring 2.
8 m by 3 m, six 60 sheets per sheet can be produced-
Inch or three 108-inch sets.
LCD panels produced using this technology will be the thinnest and lightest of any LCD panels produced so far.
Highest resolution and industry-leading Image quality: Sharp\'s LCD information display with full HD 1920x1080 native resolution and flicker-
Free, full color (16. 7 million)
TFT active matrix LCD provides dynamic visual impact to the audience through real life color reproduction and large screen format clear text images.
Sharp Display provides a wide range of color adjustment functions, including the black level (brightness)
, Contrast tone, white balance (
Set RGB manually
And gamma.
For large-format displays with a response time of 6ms or less, LCD technology enables highlighting, high contrast, and a wide 176-degree viewing angle.
These monitors have-glare and low-
The reflection property enables sharp displays to be placed in bright areas where other screens may be washed clean.
For all kinds of applications such as conference room LCD whiteboard, digital signage, exhibition, education, CAD/CAM design, medical imaging, simulation, process control, etc. , these full HD displays are essential, and the application of the stock exchange.
It also found more and more use in video
The meeting together with Dolby 5 provides real life images. 1 Sound.
The new features and sizes will be amazing!
You: Sharp\'s display can be operated in either landscape or portrait mode.
Few competitors offer this feature to large displays.
The black TFT/bright pixel elimination feature ensures that the viewer can\'t actually see the pixel in the LCD display if it fails.
Sharp\'s 108 LCD is the world\'s largest commercial LCD.
In addition to leading the way towards larger screen sizes, Sharp also meets the need for superior image quality by achieving \"first\" four times higher than the current HD resolution (4096x2160)
The highest contrast in the world (1,000,000:1)
And fast Ultimate
120Hz frame rate conversion and motion image processing with incredible pixel response time of 4ms
Operation efficiency and reliability of saving money: large screen display customers are experiencing lower operating costs, higher efficiency and high reliability with the use of Xia Pu LCD display. Sharp closed-box fan-
Less design can protect the screen from dust to maintain the life of the screen. For more information on the summer LCD, check out Sharp\'s official LCD website!
Do you know that Sony is looking for an LCD panel to purchase a large TV and information display from an Osaka LCD factory?
The big three owned by sharp? (
Read: Business Week article: \"Sony\'s LCD connection with sharp\", February 27, 2008).
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