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Which panel tft company doing OEM?

As panel tft developed rapidly, the needs of customers also varies. Thus, more and more manufacturers begin to focus on developing its OEM service. Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited is one of them. A manufacturer which can do OEM service is capable of processing products based on the sketches or drawings provided by the seller. The company has been supplying professional OEM service for customers since it was established. Because of its highly advanced technology and experienced staff, the finished product is widely recognized by clients.

Since our establishment, Shenzhen LCD Mall has developed and expanded as a competitive manufacturer of oled display through technological expertise. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of monochrome lcd and other product series. embedded display mainly contains embedded lcd material. High-quality anti-fog surfaces improve visual clarity. The product is free of toxic chemicals. All of the materials elements have been completely cured and inert by the time the product is completed, which means it will not generate any harmful substances. It allows for AG/AR/AF coating processing.

We envision to become a time-honored top brand and take it as our mission. We keep improving our products by introducing cutting-edge technologies.

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