what\'s unique about vivo x21 ud\'s fingerprint scanner?

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-20
At first glance, the Oppo R15 series looks the same as the Vivo X21.
In fact, they have almost the same hardware specs.
Vivo X21 has an Apple iPhone X-
Like notch, an ultra-AMOLED full HD plus display with a resolution of 2280 × 1080 and 19: 9 with a screen-to-body ratio of 6. 28-inch display.
This gap has a front camera, headphones and an infrared fill light sensor for face recognition.
However, what impressed us was the uniqueness of the fingerprint scanner under the Vivo X21 UD screen.
This is not the first time that Vivo uses a fingerprint scanner in the phone.
At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Vivo became the first smartphone company in the world to display a mobile phone with a fingerprint scanner-the Vivo X20.
Vivo uses the fingerprint scanner technology under the display fingerprint scanner or a clear ID optical input
Display tics, a California-based developer, is known for making laptop touchpads and touch screen displays.
Clear ID optical input
The display fingerprint sensor was developed to overcome the display with less full screen borders, which makes the front of the phone without space and the bottom of the front of the screen with the most ergonomic space.
The sensor is embedded under an almost invisible OLED display.
Now it\'s not as fast as the traditional fingerprint sensor, but it\'s definitely much safer than Android face recognition.
The Vivo X21 is placed in the back center of the phone using an ergonomic Traditional fingerprint scanner.
In addition to the fingerprint location on the phone, the specifications of both variants are similar.
The X21 series runs on Qualcomm\'s intermediate artificial intelligence based on Snapdragon 660 processors.
The processor is backed up by 6gb RAM and 128 gb rom.
It supports memory card extensions up to 256 GB.
The X21 series includes 12 MP f/2.
0 front camera, f/1 Double 12 MP. 8 and 5 MP f/2.
4 Fixed focus wide camera on the back.
All cameras are backed up by AI and provide portrait background, AR Stickers, beauty mode and more effects.
For music lovers, the X21 series has dedicated Hi-
Fi DAC with best music output.
It even has the latest Bluetooth 5. 0. Bluetooth 5.
0 has remote and high speed at low power consumption.
It also supports dual audio connections. e.
Can be connected to a wireless Bluetooth device at the same time.
To unlock, the X21 series uses a combination of face unlock and fingerprint scanner.
It uses an infrared fill light sensor-assisted facial wake-up technique to detect 1024 points of the face.
The face unlocking function should even work in a dark environment using an infrared sensor.
Since it\'s almost the same as the Oppo R15 series, it offers the look of its other brother OnePlus.
If you love music and have fallen in love with Apple\'s iPhone
Like a monitor, this phone is 3598 yuan (
About 37,001)
For X21 UD and 3198 yuan (
About 32,887)for X21.
Since X21 is not mentioned, you will have to wait and experience whether it supports a dual audio connection.
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