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What is SID?

SID is a yearly show or exhibition for display technologies. Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited always attend SID and other electronics exhibitions. Provide good TFT lcd panel and touchscreen products and solutions.

Shenzhen LCD Mall has been great. We make creating and manufacturing capacitive touch efficient, consistent, affordable, and reliable. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of tft touch screen and other product series. The features of tft panel make it simple and easy to handle. Its optical bonding improves the contrast ratio by reducing the amount of reflected light, thus improving viewability.  The product is built to last. Its surface has been finely burnished or polished to achieve sleekness that makes the product look as bright as new even after years of use. It is able to deliver bright and vivid colors correctly.

The urge for sustainable development promotes us to readjust the industrial structure to achieve cyclic and low carbon development. Under this, we will finely handle all wastewater, waste gases, and waste residue to produce less pollution.       

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    What is DPI ?

    DPI stands for dots per inch and refers to the resolution of a printer. It describes the density of ink dots placed on a sheet of paper (or another photographic medium) by a printer to create a physical print.

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