what android smartphone should you choose?

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-24
Samsung Galaxy s ii buy Samsung Galaxy s ii if you just want the best Android smartphone on the market.
This is a lightning-like 4g smartphone with dual functions
The core processor and the amazing Super AMOLED touch screen.
You will find the original 4.
3 inch screen version on AT&T and a larger 4 screen version.
T-Screen 5 inch
Mobile and Sprint.
Sprint renamed it Samsung Epic 4g Touch.
It\'s also likely to land on other carriers, but Verizon doesn\'t seem to be one of them so far.
Motorola Droid Bionic BionicThe is an interesting prospect for enterprise users.
It supports business email and documentation, as well as a unique lapdock accessory that converts smartphones into laptops.
Even ignoring this feature, this is still an awesome Android smartphone with 4.
Double 3 inch display
The core processor, the memory bag, the battery is very large.
It is available only on Verizon and also supports 4g LTE networks with unparalleled data speeds.
HTC Evo 3 you dare not get excited about the prospect of glasses-
Free 3D on your smartphone?
EVO 3D is an Android smartphone running 2.
3 gingerbread and 1 backup. 2 GHz dual-
Core processor and 1gb RAM.
The camera is only 5 MP and has 720p video shooting, but you can also take 3D photos and videos with this phone.
Battery life is a bit disappointingdown.
HTC Evo 3D is available on Sprint.
Motorola Photon 4ghere is another great Android smartphone on Sprint.
There are 4 photons.
3 inch display, 1 GHz dual
Core processor and 8mp camera.
It has a unique angle look and has solid features-
Make it a great multimedia smartphone.
It\'s not as good as a robot bionic, but it\'s a bit cheaper, so it\'s predictable.
It is also a dual-mode GSM or CDMA phone that is ideal for global travelers.
HTC Sensation 4 the Sensation has an amazing 4. 3 inch S-
LCD capacitive touch screen, 1. 2 GHz dual-
Core processor, 768 mb ram and 1gb internal storage (
It comes with an 8gb microSD card that you can upgrade to 32 gb).
It also comes with an 8mp camera and the latest HTC Sense UI 3. 0. It’s a feature-
A lovely big screen packaging device.
T-there. Mobile.
Recent high point for Samsung Galaxy NexusThe-
We will see the upcoming Nexus Prime.
We don\'t know what the name is but this smartphone will run Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich and we can expect double with confidence
The core processor and some very tasty specs.
It is also expected to have an amazing curved display, which seems to be supported by an image we got from the Samsung teaser video.
For more information on this, please keep an eye on it.
HTC Rhyme methe HTC Rhyme is all about style and it is directed directly to women of the species.
It has its own set of special accessories including Bluetooth headset, armband, dock, tangle-
Free headphones and unusual charm that lights up when you get a call. There’s a 3. 7 inch S-
LCD capacitive touch screen, 1 GHz single
Core processor, 768 mb ram and 4 GB internal storage (
32gb can be added with microSD card).
720p video shooting is supported and the camera is 5 MP.
This is not a cutting-edge version, but it does offer something different and the attention to fashion is bound to attract some people.
The rhyme is the exclusive launch of Verizon in the United States.
This is a long-awaited PlayStation phone.
At Verizon or AT&T, a two-year contract costs only $50.
It is not the top product for Android smartphones as it has only one single core 1 GHz processor, 512 mb ram and 5mp camera.
However, the 4 inch screen is still good. The selling point here is the PlayStation control specially launched for your game time.
This could be a perfect device for players.
LG Thrill 4 GIF you like the 3D action sound on your Android smartphone and then LG\'s Thrill 4g is available at & t. It’s a dual-
Core smartphone with nice 4.
3 inch display for 3D photos and videos.
The rest of the specs are solid if you don\'t mind
Exciting is a good choice.
You can buy one for $99.
Two-year contract 99
The temperature layer of Samsung is in the middle.
The series of Android smartphones on Verizon.
It has 1 GHz single core processor, 512 mb ram and 5 MP camera.
There is also a 4 inch Super AMOLED touch screen that can slide to display a full physical QWERTY keyboard, which is great for people who don\'t like to type on the touch screen.
It also supports Verizon\'s 4g LTE network and downloads very fast.
Because it is not top-class, the price is reasonable $149.
Two-year contract 99
If you\'re looking for a physical keyboard, the status may be on your street.
It features a classic BlackBerry profile with a horizontal touch screen and a keyboard underneath.
It also offers dedicated Facebook support.
It has a 800 MHz processor, 512 mb ram and a 5 MP camera.
This is not the fastest Android smartphone, but it should be ideal for texting and addicts on Facebook.
And it\'s only $49.
Signed a two-year contract at AT&T.
Pantech BreakoutIf you are looking for a 4g LTE Android smartphone on Verizon, your budget is tight and say hello to Pantech Breakout. It is $99.
99 years of contract, there is
The range specifications include a 1 GHz processor, 512 mb ram, and a 5 MP camera.
There is also a 4 inch capacitive touch screen running Android 2. 3.
This is a good choice at this price.
LG Optimus SliderThis is an entry-
Virgin Mobile offers Android smartphones for $199.
99 without contractIt has a 3.
2 inch capacitive touch screen, a 3.
2 MP camera, which slides on to reveal a complete physical QWERTY keyboard.
It runs Android 2.
This should be ideal for heavy Texans or addicts on social networks.
As the first Android device, this is not a bad option at this price.
HTC Hero S is a very reliable choice. It has a 1.
2 GHz single core processor, 4 inch Super LCD touch screen and 5mp camera.
There is also a front --facing 1. 3 MP camera.
You can buy it for 199 dollars.
99 with a two-year contract and after a $100 rebate email.
It\'s not surprising, but it\'s a solid smartphone that should give you a great Android experience.
Samsung TransfixWe will complete another budget option.
This time it was transtrans launched by Samsung for $179.
99 without contract
It has a 800 MHz processor, 3.
2 inch touch screen and 3. 2 MP camera.
It also opens the slide to display a full physical QWERTY keyboard.
It runs Android 2.
Looks like a great prepaid smartphone.
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