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What about the lead time of tft lcd touchscreen display from placing a order to delivery?

This relies on the order quantity of tft lcd and the time schedule of Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited. We make the promise that we will handle the order as soon as possible. Orders are processed one by one. When it is at the peak, the production line will be running at full capacity. Every production process will be controlled in good condition. This will take a little time.

Shenzhen LCD Mall has specialized in embedded display production for many years. We take pride in our accomplishment and progress in this field. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of embedded display and other product series. This brand of lcd panel is of attractive design. It has an improved operating temperature range. This product is not likely to color fading. It has a polished protective layer that enables it to free of the influence of UV-ray and sunlight exposure. It supports multi-touch (when it uses capacitive technology).

Our company keeps faith in ‘surviving on quality and thriving by innovation’. We will make our products be sold to all over the world in virtue of consummate technics and reliable quality.

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