samsung teases super-sized galaxy view tablet to take on ipad pro apple could reveal next week

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-16
There are rumors that Apple is working on an oversized iPad called the iPad Pro, which may have 12.
9 inch screen, announced next week.
Now it seems that Samsung is trying to steal the limelight by making fun of an oversized tablet at the Gear S2 launch in IFA, Berlin.
There are no other details except a picture of a normal black tablet with a foldable bracket, the name is-
Galaxy View, the South Korean company, has promised to \"look at October at close range \".
There are rumors that Apple may launch a 12.
According to 9to5mac, the 9 inch \"iPad pro\" will launch the new iPad Mini as early as next week, and the product will be available on November.
\"Ipad pro \"(
This is actually the planned name of the device)
Retail stores are currently scheduled for November, after
The source pointed out that the order activity will be launched by the end of October.
Although Apple has internal rumors that the tablet will debut on the stage next week, given the current planned delivery date for October, apple is still likely to delay the larger iPad at its event in early November.
The oversized tablet was the only surprise at Samsung\'s launch, which launched
Leaked Gear S2 smartwatch
It has been reported that Samsung is working on products codenamed Tahoe.
According to the information we received, SM-
The T6 70 code-named \"tahoe\" is Android 5. 1 Lollipop-
Tablet based on 18. 4-
It will feature a tft LCD screen with a resolution of x 1080 pixels in 1920, octa-core 64-bit 1.
6GHz Exynos 7580 processor, 2 gb ram, 32 GB internal storage, microSD card slot (
Supports up to 128GB cards)
And 5,700 battery.
Samsung\'s latest watch S2 will have two styles-
One looks sporty and the other looks classic.
Both phones have round Super Amoled panels that compete with Motorola, LG and Huawei.
The device will have both Samsung Exynoscore 1.
2GHz processor, 4GB storage, 768 mb ram and 250mAH battery.
It will run a custom version of the Samsung Tizen operating system instead of Android Wear for other wearable devices.
But Samsung confirmed that it will work with many different Android devices, not just Samsung products.
A version of the watch comes with a built-in
In sim, so that it can make a phone call without connecting to a nearby smartphone.
Samsung\'s Pravav Mistry presents a carefully crafted round face, similar to the watch face, showing how the border is turned, giving users easy access to features.
\"Now you can rotate the baffle.
The new user experience reminds you of moving a dial with a simulated feel on the radio, he said.
The border can quickly find the application without blocking the screen.
\"With Gear s2, the round border allows me to interact outside the screen, read long emails and navigate through the app, like browsing restaurant reviews on Yelp.
\"I can zoom in and out using bexel instead of pinch and zoom on a small map.
Very intuitive.
The bezel can also be turned to exchange the face and hands of the watch, and the hands and straps can also be customized.
Alenna Cotton shows how to use Gear s2 for fitness.
She shows how to display the health data as a round schedule like an Apple Watch, where green means health and gray means \"let\'s get started \".
It can record the user\'s coffee and water intake, and there is an \"active spark setting\" where the flicker increases when the user is active.
When you reach a healthy pace, you get a shiny green screen, she says.
S2 is designed for fitness conditions.
It\'s waterproof so you don\'t have to worry about it sweating.
The device also has power saving mode so that if someone forgets to charge it, it can return the function to keep it running for a longer period of time.
The watch will be available at the end of the month, but the price has not yet been announced.
Gear S2 will be Samsung\'s seventh smartwatch.
The first was the Galaxy Gear, which was launched in 2013 and received a variety of comments.
A Samsung designer first showed off the company\'s new smartwatch on Instagram.
Dennis Miloseski, head of Samsung Design American studios, posted the photo to his personal account, saying he was giving a test drive to the new Samsung Gear S2
So far, the company has revealed only part of the watch.
There are rumors that Samsung will launch a new round
Smart watch code called Orbis.
It was originally thought to be called the file, and in-
The GPS board makes it an advantage in the Apple Watch.
This will allow the device to track the wearer\'s location without the need for a mobile phone and a quick load map.
The watch is expected to be launched at the IFA trade show in Berlin next month.
The device will have both Samsung Exynoscore 1.
2 GHz processor, 4GB storage, 768 mb ram and 250mAH battery, SamMobile reports.
Leaked details of the internal specifications of the gear also indicate that the gadget will be fitted with sensors, including barometer, heart rate sensor, Wi-
The Fi chip and GPS, which will reduce the time it takes for the map to load on the watch.
Gear A will run A customized version of Samsung\'s Tizen operating system, not Android Wear for other wearable devices.
According to Mashable, this may mean that the watch can only be used with Samsung smartphones.
A previous leak indicates that the user will navigate the interface of the watch by turning the bezel and the Digital Crown, similar to what is seen on the Apple Watch.
The news of this gadget\'s round Super Amoled screen was leaked in April.
As part of Samsung\'s upcoming developer program, images of the watch\'s round face are announced.
Samsung said in a press release: \"Members of the global developer community can get the software development kit in advance (SDK)
The next generation of Gear devices.
Motorola, Huawei and LG offer
Samsung used to offer only rectangular displays and curved devices-Gear S.
Editor Paul Rankinin-
The head of Wareable told the Daily Mail: \"It\'s not surprising that Samsung announced plans for a circular smartwatch, and that the Orbis device has been spinning around the Web rumor factory for a while, but the time is a bit puzzling on the day Apple Watch goes online.
Samsung has made a big bet on its own proprietary software, and it makes sense for developers to pack the Tizen app store earlier --friendly apps.
After all, the South Korean company has reportedly launched 3,000 Apple Watch appsup to its long-
Time competitors, though in fact it takes much longer in the game.
The Gear A will be Samsung\'s seventh smartwatch.
The first was the Galaxy Gear, which was launched in 2013 and received a variety of comments.
There is no detailed information on how much the device will cost.
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