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Quality assurance of lcd capacitive touchscreen

To be able to guarantee the quality of goods, Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited has created a whole set of QC system. Our lcd capacitive touchscreen will be analyzed and assessed to determine if they meet required performance specifications before they are introduced to people. During the business, the maintenance of an excellent management process is vital for all of us.

Up until now, Shenzhen LCD Mall is known as a large scale enterprise in China. We have manufactured a wide collection of quality tft panel. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of tft touch screen and other product series. The material and design Shenzhen LCD Mall adopted highly improve the performance of tft touch screen. Reducing the reflection of light, it supports out-door applications such as the advertising screen, ATM cash machine, POS cash register, etc. The product has desired safety. It does not contain any sharp or easily removeable parts that may cause accidental injury. Advanced optically clear adhesive protects the LCD against environmental factors as well as foreign contaminants and abrasive material.

With a commitment to continuous sustainability, we work hard to utilize the natural resources we consume including raw materials, energy, and water as efficiently as possible.

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