is 2011 the year of the 3-d tv? yes, report says

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-31
TV makers expect 2011 TV sets this yearD TV.
Despite the downturn in sales and slow consumer acceptance, research firm display search optimistically predicts that 3-
On an annual basis, Group D will account for about 12% of the overall market for LCD panels-end.
This number is partly based on growth so far: about 1.
9 million LCD panel with 3-D capability --or 3.
9% of the LCD TV market. -
Display search said on Tuesday it shipped the first three months of the year.
It\'s not a huge share of the TV market, but it\'s still a step forward compared to last year, when it was only 1.
The 6% panels for shipment are equipped for viewing in the third dimension. When 3-
Last year, d TV began rolling out against a backdrop of hype, and TV makers praised it as the hottest step forward since HD, an industry that expects consumers to rush to take them away.
Never been here.
Under the blow of the recession, consumers are watched with high prices and glasses-D.
A part of the recent rise in sales, however slight, is the result of falling prices and improved look, comfort and quality of glasses, Display search said.
More challenges ahead, \"if less than 3-
D content, may lead to dizziness flashing or the presence of crosstalk. . .
Confusion about different 3-
D technologies, \"said Xie Guowei, vice president of market search Greater China.
However, Xie Changting said: \"LCD panel manufacturers have a positive plan to expand 3-
D LCD TV panel shipments this year as they believe 2011 will be 3-
The potential of television has been realized.
Previous forecast of \"3-
D. Always wear glasses for sales-half-
Despite the slow development of technology this year, but the prospects are promising.
Display Search is no different.
According to the company\'s forecast, by the beginning of next year, almost 21% of LCD panels will reach 3-D-enabled. Related: glassesfree 3-
Alexa gadget starts 85-at roloutbang & Olufsen-inch 3-
D TV sells tablets and 3-for $85,000-D phone--
Shan Li Photo: Korean children wearing glasses to see 3-
On May 9, they visited the IT exhibition hall in Seoul.
Source: Zheng Yan
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